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Jerry Palensky Murder: Where are John and Linda Fields Now?

Jerry Palensky Murder
Source: Cinemaholic

The documentary “Calls From the Inside: Murdered by Manipulation” on Investigation Discovery details the gruesome murder of Jerry Palensky in Elko, Nevada, in December 2003. In the Jordaan, his undiscovered body was discovered in January 2004. Before making two arrests in relation to the murder, investigators had to wait two years. But as the court struggle went on, the conviction was eventually reversed. Here is what we know if you want to learn more.

How did Jerry Palensky die?

Jaromir “Jerry” Palensky was born on September 24, 1942, in the Czech Republic. He immigrated to America in 1969 and lived in Carbonville, Utah. From the early 80’s to the mid ’90s, he lived in the neighbouring areas of Carbon County and Emery County. A friendly person, he made many friends and acquaintances who affectionately nicknamed him “Turkey”. Jerry never married or had children. He loved hunting and fishing and moved in 2003 to work and live on a ranch near Elko, Nevada.

According to a caller to the Elko County Sheriff’s Office, a corpse was discovered submerged in the Jordan River around 4100 and 700 West on January 14, 2004. This location is roughly 15 miles from Salt Lake City. Police discovered the corpse in a snow-covered, little-used section of the river. Jerry had been dead for more than a week when he was discovered in the water, according to police records. He was completely dressed and without footwear when officials found his corpse.

Linda Fields murder trial begins

Source: ELKO

Investigators found an identity on the body and determined that it belonged to 61-year-old Jerry. When he was transferred to the coroner’s office, an examination showed that he had many skull fractures, which indicated that he had been shot in the front and rear of the head. The investigator determined that Jerry died due to four hits to the back of his skull from a blunt object. The coroner speculated that, given the temperature of the water, it may have been up to 24 days, even though it was impossible to tell exactly how long his corpse had been buried in the river.

Who killed Jerry Palensky?

Jerry Palensky was sentenced to prison for drunk driving in April 2002 after police looked into his past. When they questioned his pals, they discovered that he frequented the Silver Dollar Bar, a well-known hangout run by John Vernon Fields and his wife, Linda Marie Fields, in Elko, Nevada. Local press reports that John, a fellow miner, first met Jerry in New Mexico before the latter relocated to Nevada and wed Linda in 1995. He allegedly assisted the less fortunate while running a shelter in California for victims of child sex abuse.Jerry was too chilly to spend two winters in their RV in the late 1990s, so the charitable couple assisted him by letting him stay in their basement. Linda allegedly stated that they even let Jerry to live on their property sometimes for the remainder of his life. She stated in a court affidavit, “We offered him a place and provided him with meals, even though he never paid us anything.” Linda said that she and John had given him money and kept him out of jail.

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