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How Did Big Scarr Die? Memphis Rapper’s Cause Of Death Explained. Check Out Here

How did Big Scarr die Memphis rapper cause of death explained

Big Scarr, a Memphis rapper, tragically died on December 22. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to Big Scarr and how he died.

How did Big Scarr Die?

Big Scarr, aka Alexander Woods, has died. Although the rapper’s side did not reveal official information, his rapper buddies confirmed the sad news on social media. According to unsubstantiated reports, Mphasis rapper died due to a pill overdose. According to another source, he was shot. However, the actual cause of death was unknown at the time.

What is Big Scarr’s Cause of Death

Big Scarr, a well-known American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, died unexpectedly on December 22, 2022, at the age of 22. Fans in the hip-hop community were stunned to learn of the young rapper’s death, and many shared their condolences on social media. Several US tabloids announced the young rapper’s death on social media. In 2020, this promising rapper was shot in the hip. As a result of the bullet travelling up to his spine, Big Scarr had to have his appendix removed, and his right leg straightened. Several rappers on the 1017 label confirmed the death. However, Big Scarr’s cause of death has yet to be revealed.

Toughest Times of Big Scarr:

According to his official website, Big Scarr was involved in a near-fatal incident in 2020 in which he was shot in the hip, and the bullet travelled to his chest. “I was moving. Therefore the bullet kept travelling,” he says in his biography. “To rescue me, the doctors had to split me down the middle. My internal organs were damaged, and doctors had to remove my appendix so I could walk again. “However, I recovered and bounced back faster than I expected.” “It’s harsh out here,” says Big Grim Reaper in his bio. What I’m rapping about is what’s going on in my hometown. It’s the ghetto. It’s a battleground. It’s the ghetto. It’s difficult. It’s true.”

Who is Big Scarr?

Big Scarr, Alexander Woods, was born on April 7, 2000, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He worked with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records. He was most known for co-writing the song “SoIcyBoyz” alongside Tay Keith, Foogiano, and Pooh Shiesty. He was one of nine children who grew up in the Magnolia neighbourhood in South Memphis. He lived with his grandmother until he was thirteen years old. He moved in with his father after his mother died of lung cancer. Woods was in a car accident when he was 16 and was flung through the windscreen of a friend’s car.

Tributes to Big Scarr:

Tributes to Big Scarr


Rap Game Releases revealed that Gucci Manes 1017 Artist Big Scarr, also Pooh Shiesty’s blood relative, died of an overdose. According to Jaybpolitics, Memphis rapper #BigScarr, who was signed to #GucciMane’s 1017 label, died at 22. His cause of death is not made public. However, it has been established that he has passed. Rap CatchUp has been published. Big Scarr, a Memphis rapper and 1017 signee, died at 22. RIP

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