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Thomas Schifferns, Details of the killer and where is he now?

Thomas Schifferns

Thomas Schifferns was a famous killer, and recently there has been a Netflix documentary series related to this individual named I am a killer, as there was a devastating incident in Montana in 2018 where a brutal modern incident occurred in 2018 itself. The name of the individual who died was Jimmy, and the killer was his best friend, Thomas. Thomas was disturbed and did not have a perfect social life in his entire career. That was the most important reason why he became a nasty individual and did not create good friends in his life, and that caused him to murder his closest friend, his best friend.

Thomas Schifferns Where is he

Carbon County

Where is Thomas Schifferns now?

Thomas Schifferns did not admit to the crime in the initial stages of the murder. They insisted to the police officers that whatever happened was an accident and also expressed that he was a very responsible individual and was responsible for the death of his best friend. Still, it was not a murder and was an accident. Later in March 2019, he directly pleaded guilty to his cries and stated that it was a planned murder. Presently he is 37 years old and has been given a sentence of imprisonment in the Montana state prison and has served four years of his life imprisonment sentence recently. He has also provided his details to Netflix for a documentary series.

Thomas Schifferns Who is he


Who exactly is Thomas Schifferns?

Thomas Schifferns is the famous killer who caused the overall incident of Montana in the red lodge as the overall residents of the lodge became very uncomfortable with the situation as this individual was related to the murder of his best friend as he killed one of his very close friends. After proper questioning was done, he stated that the murder was not a coincidence and that it was a planned incident due to certain grudges against his best friend, and he planned the murder. Presently he is 37 years old and is recently serving his imprisonment. He is also in the Montana state prison, looking forward to serving his life imprisonment.

Thomas Schifferns Crimes


Crime of Thomas Schifferns

Thomas Schifferns was certainly charged with two crimes. The first crime was not admitted in 2018 when he murdered his best friend and stated to the authorities that whatever happened was the out of an accident. And the most bigger crime which he committed was Murdering Jimmy, who was his best friend. He was very disturbed by the behaviour of his best friend, so he decided to kill him, and after planning a proper murder, he killed his best friend and thought that he would prove to the court that it was a direct accident. Apart from that, he was not charged with any other crimes, but that was enough for the authorities to charge him with a life imprisonment statement, and he is presently punished for his crimes.

Other essential details

Carbon County

Other Important Details related to him

Thomas Schifferns is 37 years old and serving his imprisonment in the Montana state prison. Apart from that, recently, there has been a Netflix series that has stated about his overall life and the series is named to be I am a killer. The story overall talks about whatever he did throughout his lifetime and how he was disturbed throughout his life, which caused him to murder one of his closest friends and why his wife left him. He was left with a murder background and life imprisonment, forever with him until he dies. The killer’s story is directly portrayed by the Netflix community and is being shown very successfully.

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