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Savannah Lee Johnson Succumbed to Pediatric Brain Cancer After a Long Battle

Savannah Lee Johnson

Savannah Lee Johnson, a three-year-old girl from Syracuse, Utah, died tragically. See how Savannah Lee Johnson died and her cause of death in detail.

What Happened to Savannah Lee Johnson?

Savannah Lee Johnson succumbed to cancer after a lengthy struggle. She has won the hearts of thousands of people worldwide, not just in her neighbourhood. Savannah was diagnosed with Embryonal Tumor at age one with Multilayer Rosettes or ETMR. There have been less than 300 cases of this kind of cancer described.

She has been through radiation and chemotherapy for the better of her life. Her narrative may be on Instagram at @savannahbestrong and Facebook at Savannah Be Strong. Savannah died at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Savannah’s death was posted on the Savannah Be Strong Facebook page with the comment, “Savannah died approximately 3 p.m. today. I’ll tell you how our day went as soon as I gather my thoughts and weep. During her stay here, she was an incredible triumph and an angel. I adore you all.” Social media was swamped with condolences when the little girl’s death was announced.

Savannah Lee Johnson Died as a Result of:

Savannah Johnson was 18 months old when she was diagnosed with cancer. Savannah’s neighbourhood and everyone around her helped her fight cancer.

She was a kind, pleasant, and amusing child. Savannah’s head began to tilt to the left, her balance became erratic, she became angry, and she periodically vomited. Savannah had also been sent to Primary Children’s Hospital. A CT scan verified the existence of a tumour. Cancer MRI findings. ETMR, or Embryonal Tumor with Multilayer Rosettes, is a relatively rare and severe cancer that affects Savannah.

Young children, usually under the age of four, are impacted. Because the tumour was wrapped around her brain stem, radiation or removal was out of the question. She had chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants, for which she will be the donor. Her gorgeous family includes her father, mother, one sister, and a brother. Her twin brothers had both died before she was born. Savannah’s therapy is being supported via a Gofundme website set up by a local fundraiser. Savannah and her beautiful family were honoured during the Christmas concert on December 17.

Savannah Lee Johnson Tributes:

Shae Winward Hansen said on Facebook,

Angel, sweet angel. I hope for peace for you, Lacy, and her lovely brother and sister.

Jamie O Doyle stated,

It breaks my heart to watch this! She battled with incredible strength, bravery, and courage. And I’m only finding comfort in knowing she’s not in pain and is cancer-free in Heaven! Thank you for allowing us to accompany her on her trip!

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