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Missing Child In Ohio Today officials Are Incharge To Find A Another Twin Baby

missing child in ohio today

The mother of Kason and Kyair Thomas stepped into a restaurant at 9:45 p.m. on Monday while her car was riding, and her vehicle a four-door, black Honda Accord — was gone. View the most recent press conference in the video player below. Nalah Jackson, 24, has been named as the person of interest suspected of taking the automobile. Below are photos of Jackson and the vehicle involved.

Where does the Suspect Locate?

Ky-air operated out of Dayton International Airport. According to authorities, a traveler discovered the toddler in a car seat at the airport’s budget parking lot and brought him inside to an airport employee. Butler Township medics were dispatched to the scene to check on the infant. Kason is still missing, according to Columbus police. The car taken has a shredded temporary Ohio Registration tag on the rear bumper and a white bumper sticker that says “Westside City Toys,” according to officials. According to authorities, Jackson is 5-feet 7-inches tall, 130 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, and was last seen wearing a dark-colored sweatshirt.

Officials are in Response to Return the Baby From the Suspect:

Police in Columbus are pleading with Jackson to surrender the youngster to them. On Wednesday, they reported that they had sent BOLO (be on the lookout) notices for Jackson and the stolen vehicle to the five neighboring states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky. During the news conference, Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant requested that the baby be returned. “Bringing him home safely is our priority,” Bryant stated that all police agencies have been called in to assist and are hunting for leads at Jackson’s past locations and homeless camps. Jackson has a criminal history of petty charges, according to Deputy Chief Smith Weir.

What do the Officials Say?

Todd Dykes of WLWT questioned Deputy Chief Smith Weir about what it would signify that one infant boy is safe, but his brother is still missing. “I believe that is a disturbing component of this case. That is a disturbing feature, according to the commander over special victims and our other leadership team, and it’s unclear as to why that would be “Weir stated. “And we can all let our imaginations go wild, but we must face the truth. And the truth is that we are still searching for one child.” Police believe Jackson had no idea who the mother or children were at the time of the event.

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