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It Was ‘Not Romantic’ For Kellyanne Conway To Dine With Andrew Cuomo Late at Night At Famous Italian Restaurant

kellyanne conway
Image Source: OK Magazine

Now Kellyanne Conway clearly spoken about late night dinner with Andrew Cuomo’s at a famous Itilian restaruant was “Not Romantic”. Conway who was prviously worked with former President Donald Trump as a campaign manager later turned into a advisor in Trump’s government from 2016 to 2020. Conway spoke about all the rumours about she and Cuomo had romantic dinner together on the Monday night at a popular Italian restaurant named Upper east Side Italian restaurant. In New York Post she told “Italians mostly prefer eating to Zoom. We also have planeed to invite his brother Christopher, but we are not sure about eithr he eats carbs or not.

kellyanne conway

Image Source: ReaderOnline

There is nothing romantic in monday night dinner , i known his family for dcades told by Conway. She also informed about her new podcast with Cuomo, “i and Cumo are ready to present our new podcast show which are produced by the same company , Quake Media and we are ready to make a series on political issues. Here me as republican and Cuomo as Democrat will find the some “common ground”.

Conway further explained on the podcast issue “i am ready with some serious issues like veterans and the drug crisis, these issure are now the worse than ever. i want to re engage these topics and it requires working on these issues. now we are all set to share a meal with the former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie next week on some serious matters.

Kellyanne Conway

Image Source: Vanity Fair

But according to Witness who were present at the Italian restaurant, Il Postino, who oppose the statment of the Conway’s that date was “not romantic”. According to witness the couple were “not affectionate” to each other and the spent the whole night together with drinking wine and talking. Madeline , Cumo’s sister also spoke fureisuly on the her 65-year-old brother had a romantic dinner with 55 year old Conway.

Madeline said ” I am very sad about listeing these baseless rumours but we cant do anythig what people say”. Now if people don’t agree with anything, they are brutally shared their statments through soccial media or any other platforms. No one want to talk on the real issues despite they wasted thier time on differnt topics told by Maeline.

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