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Clint Seymour’s Death: Where is Dalton Clarke Now?

Clint Seymour’s Death: Where is Dalton Clarke Now?
Source: The cinemaholic

‘Real Time Crime: Watch Your Back’ on Investigation Discovery chronicles Clint Seymour’s horrific murder in Charleston, South Carolina, in April 2014. The roadside altercation that resulted in the terrible death was seen on security film, which the detectives analysed. If you’re curious about the case, the killer’s identity, or their location right now, we’ve got your back. So let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Clint Seymour Die?

“Clint” Clinton On May 5, 1986, Thomas Seymour was born in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, western Pennsylvania, to parents Donald E. Seymour and Mary Chick Seymour. He was a first-team all-state baseball player when he left Mt. Lebanon High School in 2004. Clint kept on competing for Eastern Kentucky University and earned an honours degree in 2008. He played on two straight national champion baseball teams during his playing career. In 2013, Clint relocated to Johns Island, South Carolina, while still working at Merrill Lynch in Charleston.
Clint’s free and optimistic outlook on life was contagious and brought smiles to everyone who knew him. According to Don Seymour, his father, “Clint, nevertheless, was a native of Pittsburgh. You do realise he was a yinzer? You knew Clint was a yinzer after dating him for a week.” In the early hours of April 26, 2014, the 27-year-old was admitted to the Medical University of South Carolina, shocking his friends and family.

Clint had been in a roadside altercation when he was “struck by a suction cup” and banged his head on the concrete, fracturing many skulls and injuring his brain. When he was taken to the hospital by ambulance after bystanders dialled 911, he had fallen into a profound coma. A week before his 28th birthday, he was declared dead on the afternoon of April 28.

Clint had a family and a job. He was transported to the hospital after bystanders dialled 911 because he had fallen into a severe coma. One week before his 28th birthday, on the afternoon of April 28, he was declared dead.

When physicians told Clint’s family and two closest friends that he had passed away, they were by his bedside. After having his remains examined, the coroner determined that he had been killed. The primary cause of death for Clint was head trauma, according to the autopsy report.

Clint Seymour's Death: Where is Dalton Clarke Now? Update

Source: The Cinemaholic

Who Killed Clint Seymour?

The Charleston Police Department uses camera technology to fight crime – their version of a real-time crime center. According to Charleston Police Deputy Commissioner Jack Weiss, “The surveillance system we have is a security camera system and it plays a critical role in solving criminal investigations.” The Charleston PD has a central office where live surveillance data from all surveillance cameras can be viewed and analyzed across the city in real time.

On Friday evening, April 25, 2014, Charleston was busy like a typical weekend evening, with crowds pouring into roadside bars and pubs. As the 2 a.m. closing neared, analysts noticed a chaotic incident on King Street in downtown Charleston. They witnessed a verbal argument between two groups of people that quickly escalated into a full-fledged physical altercation. Bystanders began calling 911 when one of the people involved fell to the ground, and police quickly arrived on the scene.

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