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Bandmate of The Specials Confirms Death of his frontman Terry Hall by Pancreatic Cancer

terry hall
Image Source: Rolling Stone

Terry Hall, frontman of The Specials, died after the survival of pancreatic cancer, as informed by his bandmate, Horace Panter. He shared an emotional message for his team buddy. He said, ” we all three, me, Hall and the guitarist Lynval Golding all set to record our new album in Los Angeles in November, and Roger Rivas of the Aggrolites produces the record. They tried to make a reggae album in 2020 but Hall’s inner writer pushed all members to make an album of political issues. Later they made Protest songs from 1924-2012 and released them in 2021. “Terry always had the framework for upcoming tunes, and his confidence was always high,” said Panter.

terry hall

Image Source: BBC

In September, Hall informed his teammates that he had an issue with his stomach and would miss the first week of a few sessions of their upcoming projects in Los Angeles on 4 November. After getting this message, Panter replied, “No big deal, we can knock everything back a week”. But after that, Hall’s condition was not improving; in the first week of October, the band’s manager, Steve Blackwell, said, “Hall had been suffering from pancreas cancer, and it spread to his liver also. Due to all these factors, Hall developed diabetes, and his pancreas was attacked, so chemotherapy and other treatments were provided to Hall immediately.

“we could not do anything in this case. We put all things on hold at that time,” said Panter. Hall was an “Emphatic”, so he did not close this news publicly. When The chemo started, it was clear that the band would not work until six months. Among all of this, Hall regularly checks in the hospital to control his diabetes and pain. But things are not proceeding according to the plan said by Panter. At the start of December, Hall lost weight rapidly and looked frail. In mid-month, Blackwell visited the hospital to see Hall, and after that, he told Panter Hall was dying.

terry hall

Image Source: The Telegraph

In the last few days, he was put on morphine and remains unconscious most of the time, said Panter. Lindy Heymann, the wife of Hall, suggested I not visit the hospital and say his goodbyes over the call. It was very tough, but what could I do in this situation? So I did. On 18 December, around 5.30 PM, hall died, this world lost a very significant personality and beautiful voice, and I lost my most excellent friend, Wrote by Panter.

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