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Who were the Whakhaari Volcano Survivors? Details About the Victims and Survivors

White Island Volcano eruption survivors
Image Source: RNZ

Netflix’s newest documentary ferrets about the unexpected eruption that took place on the Whakhaari famously known as the white Island on December 9, 2019. The documentary manifests the difficulty the rescue workers faced in getting to survivors due to the eruption and aftermath. The documentary shows the aspects of the expulsion of the survivors from the island as terrible, painful and torturous.

According to the Guardian, there were 47 people on the Island at the time of volcano erupted out of which 38 people came from the cruise liner, Ovation of the seas. As per RNZ, 22 people died in the volcanic eruption.

Details About the Survivor and Victims

White Island Volcano eruption Victims

Image Source: BBC

Overall 47 people were present on the island including 24 people from Australia, nine from the US, five from New Zealand, four from Germany, two from the UK, two from China, and one from Malaysia according to the data available as per the Guardian. Out of the total people, 22 died in the eruption, the victims included according to BBC were-

  • Richard Aaron Elzer, 32, from Australia
    Barbara Jean Hollander, 49, from the U.S.
    Berend Lawrence Hollander, 16, from the U.S
  • Matthew Robert Hollander, 13, from the U.S.
  • Anthony James Langford, 51, from Australia
    Winona Jane Langford, 17, from Australia
    Hayden Bryan Marshall-Inman, 40, from New Zealand.
    Martin Berend Hollander, 48, from Australia
    Julie Richards, 47, from Australia
    Jessica Richards, 20, from Australia
    Karla Michelle Mathews, 32, from Australia
    Jason David Griffiths, 33, from Australia
    Kristine Elizabeth Langford, 45, from Australia
  • Krystal Eve Browitt, 21, from Australia
    Tipene Maangi, 24, from New Zealand
    Zoe Ella Hosking, 15, from Australia
  • Gavin Brian Dallow, 53, from Australia

According to the data available and as per Daily Mail sixteen people survived at the end of the blast, although some were left with life-altering burn injuries. Some of the survivors are-

White Island Volcano eruption survivors

Image Source: The Australian

Lisa Dallow, from Australia

Jake Milbank, from New Zealand

John Cozad, from Australia

Jesse Langford, from Australia

Kelsey Waghorn, from New Zealand

Matt Urey, from the U.S.

Lauren Urey, from the U.S.

Stephanie Browitt, from Australia

Brian Depauw, from New Zealand

The Heart-Breaking Experience of the Survivors

White Island Volcano eruption survivors

Image Source: Daily Mail

The Netflix documentary shows the dreadful lifetime experiences of the survivors. One of the most heartbreaking stories is of a 19-year-old boy Jesse Langford who was the only member of his family who survived. Jesse alongside his parents Anthony 51, Kristine 46, and sister Winona 17 went to explore the white Island but destiny had other plans. His father sat up struggling with his gas mask while his mother lay insensitively on the ground and his sister Wonona’s dead body was found nowhere. For Jesse, it was the saddest day and leaving the family was the toughest thing to do in her life. Jesse’s body was burned 90 per cent due to which he was unable to attend his parent’s funeral and instead watched from the hospital.

Another survivor Kelsey who is a tour guide on the island was put into a coma and was hospitalized for 65 days. Kelsey undergo 14 surgeries and had to relearn how to walk. Lisa Dallow lost her husband and son in the blast and was in a coma for 2 months. According to BBC rescuers took several days to fully identify the victims who lost their lives in the volcanic eruption.

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