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Nalah Jackson Identified As A Suspect And One Of The Missing Five Years Old Twin Baby Was Found


Police in Columbus have asked a suspect in kidnapping two 5-month-old boys, one of whom was discovered safe at Dayton International Airport, to return Kason, Thomas. Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant appealed to the woman suspected of stealing a vehicle carrying five-month-old twins from Columbus on Monday to produce the second child unharmed.

Who was the Suspect?

Nalah Jackson, 24, of Columbus, was named a suspect by Columbus and Dayton police on Tuesday morning. According to Dayton police, she has ties to the Riverside area. “Ms Nalah Jackson, “I beg you, please return Kasan Thomas,” Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant pleaded at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. “We appreciate your return Kyair. You’ve already demonstrated your ability to do the right thing. You can take him to any safe place… We implore you to return Kasan kindly.” Bryant continued Jackson might phone police at 614-645-4701, and the infant would be picked up “no questions asked.”

Who is Nalah Jackson?

Bryant urged Nalah T. Jackson, 24, who has previously faced child endangerment charges involving her children, to return Kason Thomas after his twin brother, Kyair, was discovered sitting in a car seat in the cold early Tuesday in Dayton International Airport’s economy parking lot by a passerby. “You may bring him back to any safe location,” Bryant stated at a press conference. “The fire station, hospital, shopping mall, or any other public place where the baby might be discovered. We are pleading with you. Please bring Kason back.”

How did the Twin Boys Get Missed?

At 1:37 a.m., a statewide amber alert was issued for the twin boys, who were left inside a running car when their mother walked into Donatos Pizza, 920 N. High St., to pick up a Door Dash order at approximately 9:45 p.m. Monday. When she turned around, the automobile had vanished, according to Columbus police. According to Bryant, store employees told police that a homeless lady, subsequently identified as Jackson, was inside the eatery and left when her mother entered. Police had previously designated Jackson as a “person of interest” in the case. Still, at the Tuesday afternoon press conference, they made it apparent that she was the suspect in the children’s kidnapping.

Officials Seriously Searched the Missed Twin Boys:

Officials Seriously Searched the Missed Twin Boys


Many law enforcement authorities have joined the search for the missing children. According to Bryant, officers from the Ohio Highway Patrol, Ohio State University, Grandview, and Upper Arlington police departments have visited more than a dozen residences previously associated with Jackson. “There were policemen on third shift who didn’t want to go home until these babies were found,” Bryant explained. According to Deputy Chief Smith Weir, police initially encountered difficulties searching for the twins. The vehicle in question, a Honda Accord with a missing bumper, a shredded temporary Ohio registration tag, and a white bumper sticker on the rear, lacks a licence plate and is just purchased by the mother.

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