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How did Max Fullen from City of Petal die? Cause of death Explained

Max Fullen
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Max Fullen has passed away at the age of 14 and the news of his death is announced by his mother via Facebook with the deepest pain of his loss. He took a break at home on Saturday, December 17, 2022, and was most popular as Petal’s City Max Fullen. He died shortly thereafter, around the weekend after his birthday. His family express their grief over his loss and many users also share their grief over his passing. Here in this article, we are going to share more information about his death and also talk about other topics in detail. 

What is the cause of death of Max Fullen?

According to the sources, he suffered a stroke at his school and suddenly rushed to Forrest General Hospital, which just happened on April 30, 2021. He was later transferred to Children’s Hospital Batson from Jackson, where he was in intensive care and severely treated for his brain swelling. A rare type of brain tumor is believed to be the cause of death by this disease known as diffuse cervical gliomatosis. Before returning to Petal, he showed test rooms over an extended period of six weeks. We will update our article after receiving information about his death and publish it in our article.

He knows about the rare type of brain tumor with no proven cure, which medical professionals may also call diffuse gliomatosis cerebri. Gliomatosis cerebri refers to a specific pattern.

Allyson Dodge, Max’s mother, said: “We were just devastated. It was totally unexpected.”

Max was diagnosed by medical professionals with diffuse cerebrospinal gliomatosis, a rare type of brain tumor with no proven cure. Before returning to Petal, he conducted tests in hospital rooms for six weeks.

The journey of Max, who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, was covered by WDAM last year after he was released from the hospital.

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The sad events that ultimately led to his death unfolded throughout the weekend.

After Max received treatment for a rare form of brain cancer and was discharged from the hospital, WDAM aired a show describing his struggle with the illness over the preceding 12 months.

Max was a great inspiration to the entire community, according to Mayor Tony Ducker, and to everyone who had the opportunity to interact with him. Everyone who has had the privilege of working with Max has found him to be a tremendous inspiration.

Mayor Tony Ducker says:

“Prayers for the family”. “This community has a history of putting their arms around people in situations like this. It’s great that the Lord allows people into our lives that we can see like this, it’s very inspiring. Life may seem so fleeting but prayers for that family.

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