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Are Weston and Kelsey From Love Island USA Still Together?

Are Weston

Like other dating shows, Peacock’s “Love Island USA” takes place in a lavish house where the competitors, known as the Islanders, live alone and are cut off from the outside world. A gathering of sociable single men and women, with the requirement that each competitor be accompanied at all times to remain on the show. It makes no difference if the victorious pair bonds over love, friendship, or the monetary award because they will each earn $100,000. Contestants may re-mate as the show goes on depending on how well they get along with their present partner and the other islanders.

He has several fun relationship duties, and no drama can escape the public eye on this constantly haunted show. One such couple that intrigued viewers was Kelsey Jurewicz and Weston Richey from Season 1. They had good chemistry with each other and thus were seen as a strong match. Now that both have been out of the spotlight for a long time, their fans must be curious as to whether they are still together or if they have broken up. Well, that’s what we found out.

Weston Richey and Kelsey Jurewicz were quite an attractive and up-and-coming couple in the ‘Love Island’ mansion. While Weston appeared early on in the series, Kelsey didn’t join the six New Islanders until Episode 10. Weston, then 25, was first intrigued by Mallory Santic and took her chosen as the first connection. When new islanders arrived after things had been going well for a time, their circumstances altered, and by Episode 5, they had made the decision to remain friends. Then more people joined, and Katrina Dimaranan struck up a friendship with Weston.

What Happened to Kelsey on 'Love Island'? Why She Left the Show

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However, following the arrival of six additional islanders, including Kelsey, this relationship did not continue for very long. When asked to choose a man to date, Kelsey, who was 25 at the time, selected Weston. As the new woman with the most votes, Kelsey gained immunity and went on a date with Weston on the following week. Following their relaxing spa treatment, the pair connected well. The fact that the two appeared to be in love right away and would make a stunning island pair gave Kelsey a lot of optimism.

However, their connection was severed following the entry of another new islander, Emily Salch. While Emily initially chose Eric for a date, she also began dating Weston. During the next recoupling session, Emily decided to pair up with Weston and the latter accepted the choice, leaving Kelsey heartbroken and with no options. Hoping for a true romance, her hopes of being with Weston forever and returning home to the love of her life seemed like a distant dream.

Are Kelsey and Weston still together?

No, Kelsey and Weston aren’t together anymore. After Emily and Weston reconnected, Kelsey saw no hope of finding her connection at the mansion. She was genuinely interested in Weston, and when that option failed, she thought it would be unfair to lead the other boys with no real feelings. With tears in her eyes, she Kelsey said, “I walked into this mansion with an open heart and mind. I came here sincerely looking for love and even though I haven’t found it, I have met some wonderful people along the way. Right now I think I have to do what’s best for me. So now I decide to retire from the mansion.

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