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Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Died. How did Jorhomy Rovero die?

How did Jorhomy Rovero die

On December 20, 2022, Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero, the wife of actor Andrew Schimmer, died. Let’s look at how John Andrew Schimmer’s wife died and Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero’s cause of death.

How did Jorhomy Rovero die?

The actor Babangon ako’t dudurugin kita’s wife died on Tuesday, December 20. On his social media page, John Andrew Schimmer, a 36-year-old Filipino actor, reported his wife’s death. Schimmer released an emotional video on his Facebook page and posted a snapshot showing two distinct hands clutching together, with a caption: “The Love of my Life…my closest friend.. my partner in everything. Remember your vow to remain together forever. Following the death of his wife, Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero, fans and admirers of actor Andrew Schimmer paid tribute.

What is Jorhomy Rovero’s Cause of Death?

Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero, the wife of actor Andrew Schimmer, died after a lengthy hospitalisation. She had been in a coma for about a year. Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero, the widow of John Andrew Schimmer, died of an illness. Rovero had been in the hospital for months after suffering a severe asthma episode that caused cardiac arrest and cerebral hypoxia. The actor earlier posted that his wife was hospitalised, and he stated that being apart from his wife hurts too much. Andrew was confident that he would soon be able to bring Jho home. Unfortunately, she died in the hospital.

Andrew Schimmer’s Emotional Video:

Schimmer announced her death in a Facebook video. Rovero has been hospitalised for several months after her acute asthma caused cardiac arrest and hypoxia. Schimmer, who was visibly moved, revealed that he was taping for the GMA Network game show “Family Feud” when he learnt of his wife’s deteriorating condition. Schimmer had to cancel his taping and go to the hospital. “They did everything in their power. Masakit naman. I’d like to try it with you. Guys, thank you very much for your time. “Ang sakit kasi ng bunso namin mamaya,” the actor stated. “She did not inabutan ng bunso namin.” Schimmer then shared a photo of his deceased wife lying on a bed on his social media platforms. He pledged to keep his followers updated.

Andrew Schimmer Announces His Wife’s Death:

“I’m just going to tell you, at the same time, the saddest and worst news that you can hear,” the actor stated. Suddenly, her blood pressure and everything else vanished, including her oxygen saturation and pulse rate.” “When we arrived, the doctors and nurses were reviving her. They did everything in their power. “It’s just a pain, I’ll tell you,” he continued. After expressing gratitude to everyone who offered prayers and joined them on their journey, the actor became emotional. “Many, many thanks to those who prayed, to those who never abandoned us,” an emotional Andrew remarked. The father of two also wept after his wife died a day before their youngest child’s birthday.

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