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After an emergency landing, Air Force B-2 bombers were grounded

stealth bombers grounded
Image Source: Air Force Times

Due to an emergency landing and fire at the base in Missouri, The Air Force grounded the entire group of B-2 stealth bombers. After this decision Whiteman Air Force Base will not be able to participate in the 2023 Rose Bowl Game flyovers. Although Whiteman said in the news ” B-1B Lancer bombers from Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota will all set to participate in the events. Col. Daniel Diehl, from U.S. Air Force, 509th Wing Commander said in a statement ” Our top priority is the safety and security of our personnel. We are in deeply regret taking this type of decision so close to the event, but there is no need to worry we all are committed to returning to Pasadena in 2024″.

stealth bombers grounded

Image Source: Fox News

We are not participating in this flyover, but we are still committed to our duty or nation’s call told by Col. Daniel Diehl. All this happened on December 10 when a bomber felt a mistake during the flight and caught the fire during routine operations at Whiteman Air Force Base. During this event, no one was injured and the fire was extinguished.

After this incident, the entire fleet will be gone under inspection as informed by 509th Bomb Wing spokeswoman Air Force Master Sgt. Beth Delv Vecchio. This bomber is a type of multi-role bomber that can be used in conventional and nuclear munitions, first introduced in the year 1989. Earlier in September 2021 when the hydraulics system failed, the B-2 had to make an emergency landing at that time.

The number of stealth bombers is less than 20 in the entire fleet, according to the Associated Press information and the Air Forces have enough capabilities to provide the air leg of the nation’s nuclear triad.Still, the timetable for the B-2 fleet’s grounding was not released.”we inspecting all the stealth bombers and there is no end date to for B-2’s grounding” as told Del Vechhio. “we don’t take any incdinet in a light way , every incident is unique and have a reson ; we are currently evalutating the incident and trying to mitigate the future risk” she said to a news agency. Normal operations will resume till all safety checks are completed.

The Air Force is all set to replace the B-2 with the B-21 Raider. “Raider was built through the open-system architctture , which enbles it for more adaptable,” said Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense. ” The B-21 is has too many capabilites including multi-functionl. it can gather intel, handle battle management, integrations with allies and partners” informed Lloyd Austin.

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