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How did Neto Reyno Die? The Cause of Death of a Mexican Rapper

Neto Reyno

Neto Reyno, a Mexican rapper, died on December 19, 2022, at 40. Let’s explore how the Mexican rapper died and what is Neto Reyno’s cause of death in detail.

What Happened to Neto Reyno?

The devastating news of the Mexican artist Neto Reyno’s demise was confirmed on Monday. His official Facebook page verified the information. According to the death certificate, “Unfortunately, we must inform you that Neto Reyno has died. We’ll let you know where we’ll be watching after him for anyone who wishes to accompany him. Caldera, Mariel.” Fans and coworkers of the rapper expressed their condolences. They stated they would remember him for his legacy in the Mexican rap industry and for the beautiful person he was. He was also well-known for touring Mexico and sharing photos of his adventures on social media.

Neto Reyno Cause of Death:

Neto Reyno abruptly departed away at the age of 40. A message on his verified Facebook account announced his demise. Cancer was thought to be the cause of death for Neto Reyno. To date, Neto Reyno’s cause of death has not been disclosed. However, it is known that he was getting chemotherapy treatment in September since he requested strength from his fans. He announced on September 1 that he would begin chemotherapy treatment, implying he had cancer. Although the artist never said what form of disease he had, he likely died due to cancer-related complications. His followers and fellow performers have conveyed their condolences.

Neto Reyno, who was He?

Neto Reyno


Ernesto Arizpe González, commonly known as Neto Reyno in urban culture, was born on December 29, 1981, in Monterrey. He was a musician that specialised in hip-hop music. In 1998, he began his creative career with the support of the group Sociedad Café, with whom he recorded his debut song, “Low Quarters.” Mexican rapper, producer, and musician Neto Reyno was widely known for his hit singles “Las Consecuencias” and “La Calle fue mi Escuela.

Neto Reyno Songs:

Neto Reyno


Throughout his career, he published seven musical albums, and here are some of his most well-known songs. You and I Hustle. I lay down the chunk and flow it. The most recent came two months ago when he debuted “La Vida Duele” alongside rapper Santa Fe Klan. He also shared the stage with notable hip-hop exponents such as Psycho, Cypress Hill, SPM, SFDK, Delinquent Habits, Diablo, Caballeros del Plan G, Gera MX, and C-Kan, among others.

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