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CNN Investigative Journalist Drew Griffin, Passes Away at the Age of 60: Cause of Death Explained

Drew Griffin died at 60 due to cancer
Image Source: CNN

Don Lemon, the CNN co-anchor shed tears while announcing the death news of the investigative journalist Drew Giffin. Lemon this morning said-

‘Our colleague and friend and longtime distinguished CNN journalist Drew Griffin has passed away.

‘Drew was with the investigative unit of CNN based in Atlanta since 2004. His wide-ranging expertise included politics, sports, government, and corporate investigations.’

Drew Griffin died at 60 due to cancer

Image Source: MSN

The senior investigative correspondent known for his incredible work in Journalism passes away at 60 on Sunday 17th December 2022 at his home in the Atlanta area. The veteran journalist earned a high reputation and was recognised for his hard-hitting interviews. Following his demise, CNN CEO Chris Licht in a note to staff said-

“Drew’s death is a devastating loss to CNN and our entire profession,” Further added- A highly acclaimed investigative journalist, Drew’s work had an incredible impact and embodied the mission of this organization in every way.”

Drew for nearly two decades working for CNN’s investigative team and build a reputation and was honoured with some prestigious awards including Emmys, Peabodys, and Murrows.

Cause of Death Explained 

Drew Griffin died at 60 due to cancer

Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Drew’s family members revealed that he died due to cancer. Griffin however never spoke about his illness among his companions. The CNN journalist for a long time is battling cancer but never discloses what type of cancer he had to his colleagues. 

Drew Griffin’s Career in Journalism

Griffin joined CNN in 2004 and as a member of the investigative team worked on hundreds of stories and contributed to multiple documentaries. Drew during his time with CNN covered multiple issues including $exual assault allegations against Uber drivers, fraudulent claims against Trump University during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016, and the 2021 aftermath attack on the United States Capitol.

His reporting of the $exual assault allegations against Uber drivers made the company change its background check process and include new safety features in its app. His tenacious approach in an investigation against the fraud claims at Trump University exposed a series of real estate seminars. His recent work in the aftermath attack on the Capitol exposed the dangers of election deniers and was quoted in court filings by the Department of justice.

Drew Griffin died at 60 due to cancer

Image Source: CNN

Griffin for his graciousness and compassion was highly respected among his colleagues. He as a senior investigating journalist always lend a supportive hand to his juniors and took the time to mentor them. He cared like a father to the young reporters and was always ready for the team.

Diclaro one of his companions said that working with Griffin is like “winning the career lottery” He added -.

“There are just so many people who worked with him and loved him – this is a devastating loss,” Diclaro said “There was no one else like him. We were Team Drew.”

Drew was alongside a family man who loved his family more than anything else. Drew with his wife had three children a daughter, Ele Gast and two sons, Louis and Miles Griffin. The reporter had two grandchildren also.