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Baby Junior Sagini: What Happened to Him

Baby Junior Sagini
Image Source: K24 TV

Baby Sagini from Ikuruma village in Manrani, Kissi County, Kenya is admitted to the hospital after his eyes were brutally gouged out by an unknown person. Now the doctors said that Baby Sagini remind blind for the Rest of his life. Some sharp objects like knives or something other were used to do this type of attack told by doctors. Both eyes were removed completely and there were some injuries on the lids told by the doctor and the hospitals.

His family member has requested the higher administration to find the culprits and punish each and every person who was included in this case. Police take the statements of the father and Grandmother of Baby Sagini. Police are trying to find the Criminals, also trying to find the two eyes. When the baby Sagini found there is no blood was found there, it is clear that this heinous incident happened somewhere else before the little boy left the property.

Baby Junior Sagini

Image Source: Citizen Digital

Mike Sonko declared Ksh400k to kill the Suspect:

A former governor of Nairobi has offered Ksh400k to police who kill the suspect for gouging out of a little boy’s eyes. Sonko expressed his sorrow through Twitter, he shows his deepest tribute to the family. He also offers 200k to anyone who provides any information about the suspect. Some unknown people kidnapped Baby Sagini, then brutally gouged out his eyes and left him on the near family’s banana farm. The boy’s grandma searched for him but she couldn’t find him, after six hours of absence kidnapers drooped the boy near the house.

On Wednesday evening, December 14, 2022, they found him on the banana plantation, both eyes were completely removed and his eyelids were seriously injured. it was done through something sharp objects like knives or anything else as told by the doctor. The boy’s father was the first suspect identified by the police but after investigation and without evidence he was freed. The boy’s grandmother Rael Mayieka said her grandson was just gone to a nearby spring to play with water when the incident occurred.

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