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Why Was Sauce Walka Arrested? Several Members Of The Crew Were Arrested

Sauce Walka Arrested

Sauce Walka Arrested: Just one day after Atlanta rapper Gunna pled guilty to racketeering charges in the YSL RICO case, five members of another label group were arrested on similar counts. This post will provide information about Sauce Walka Arrested.

Sauce Walka Arrested:

The FBI and the Houston Police Department began an investigation on Thursday that led to the arrest of many members of The Sauce Factory (TSF) gang for various offences. TSF was created in Houston by rapper-songwriter Sauce Walka, real name Albert Walker Mondane, a native Houstonian. According to attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani, the offences included drug trafficking, a “Glock switch,” and felons possessing a handgun.

The investigation is On:

On Thursday, the FBI and the Houston Police Department began arresting numerous possible members of the gang The Sauce Factory (TSF) for various crimes. TSF was founded in Houston by rapper-songwriter Sauce Walka, real name Albert Walker Mondane, who is also a native of the city. These charges included narcotics trafficking, possessing a “Glock switch,” and being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani. According to reports, Henry, Baisey, and Smith appeared in court on Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Christina Bryan. Brumant was claimed to have been apprehended and imprisoned in California for additional proceedings.

Why was Sauce Walka Arrested?

According to officials, hearings into the men’s arrest will begin on December 19 at 9 a.m. In addition to Thomas and Rodriguez, the other males in possession are claimed to be charged with intent to supply meth. According to reports, they face life in prison and fines of up to $10,000,000. According to court filings, Moore is also charged with possessing heroin with the intent to sell it. The charge carries a maximum punishment of 40 years in jail. According to officials, the indictment charges that Thomas unlawfully had a handgun, a device developed and intended to convert a semi-automatic pistol.

What do the Documents Say?

Rodriguez possessed a Ruger 5.7mm pistol, according to other documents. He is forbidden under federally convicted felons and could face up to ten years in prison if found guilty. These arrests come just days after Gunna pled guilty to RICO Act accusations that he and some members of the Young Slime Life, or YSL, gang. If convicted, Thomas may face a 10-year prison sentence, according to reports.

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