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Tonya McKinley Murder Details and Where is Daniel Wells Now?

Tonya McKinley

Tonya McKinley was a woman who got murdered on the first of January 1985 at a new year party. She was rapped and murdered in Florida when she was 30 years old, and the investigation had to be waiting for nearly 35 years before the modern was arrested. Forensic reports also provide many important details discussed in the situation after which they were successfully arrested. The investigating officers had to go through many important investigations initially, but they couldn’t get to the murder later. After 35 years of proper investigation, there have been details available about the murder, shocking the entire world.

Tonya McKinley Death

Tonya McKinley Death Details

Tonya McKinley was 30 years old in the situation when she died on the first of January 1985. also, in that situation, she was the mother of a very young child and lived a very prosperous and happy life. Still, it was revealed that the personality died when she was 30 years old, and the investigating officers started their investigation through that situation. The death did not have any particular details, and there also were no details available about how she died but in that situation, it was noted that she was raped first, and after that, she was murdered. There were no possible details available about the rapist, and it was also not possible to get proper details about the person who murdered the individual in that particular manner.

Tonya McKinley Murder

Murder of Tonya McKinley

Tonya McKinley was murdered on the first of January 1985 when she was just 30 years old and was also the mother of a 17-month-old son. Before she was killed, she was raped by the person who murdered her. As the dead body was in very brutal conditions, the investigating officers couldn’t recover the dead body and gain knowledge of the death in that particular situation. The investigation began in 1985, but there were no particular details available through the investigation as the police officers could not gain any detail about the death through the initial days of the Investigation.

Tonya McKinley Investigation

Investigation Details of Tonya McKinley’s Death

Tonya McKinley died on the first of January 1985, and the investigation began in 1985 when the police officers started working with the death details as the investigation was not working very well. There were few suspects in the incident, but as there was no prominent detail, the investigating officers could not catch the Murderer. Through the dead cell found on the second of April 2020 in Florida, a proper forensic report has been done, which shows that Daniel Wells had that particular cell found within Tonya’s cells. Daniel was charged with first-degree treatment and was taken to court. The investigation and forensic reports found him guilty.

Daniel Wells

Where Exactly is Daniel Wells now?

Daniel Wells was charged with the crimes on the second of April 2020 in Florida, and in that situation itself, have taken to jail as it was a crime that occurred 35 years ago. The family members couldn’t accept the details, but he was taken to jail as the forensic report directly suggests that he was the person who killed the 30-year-old girl in 1985 after raping her in a very bad situation. He did not survive the trial as he killed himself to certain injuries and their certain and answered questions which orchid and will not be possible for the investigating officers to reveal as he successfully killed himself during the later part of his life as he was not available to pick up his crimes, so he decided to end his life to survive from all the crimes which he did.

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