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The Tragic Car Accident of Paul Hammack? Find Out Everything About Incident

Paul Hammack Tragic Car Accident
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Last Wednesday four people were killed in a car accident in Granite Bay, Now all four people have been identified by the Police. Paul Hammack, 53 years old; Patrick Gainer 65 years old; and Karan Pannu,45; according to information provided by Placer County Sheriff’s Office. After some time they also identified 4th passenger the driver named as Jerry Capel, 61 years old. The cause of death is still unknown, maybe it happened by alcohol or drugs. The case is still under investigation.

The incident happened at the intersection point of the East Roseville Parkway and Brackenbury Way around 9 P.M at night as told by officials of California Highway Patrol. The driver of the white Mercedes was increasing speed very high towards Roseville Parkway then he suddenly inclined to the right side of the road and hit a tree and then hit another tree.

Paul Hammack Tragic Car Accident

Image Source: BCNews24

After hitting the tree the car was caught by the flames and three passengers died on the spot while Cepel was referred to a hospital in serious condition. according to Witness “Cepel was in the condition to exit the vehicle before it caught by flame but his friends are not so lucky”. People were shocked after listing this heartbreaking accident.

The nearby people said they were shocked after listing this horrible accident. “it was so disturbing after seeing the accident scene, and this is also so painful for other family members and friends” mentioned neighbors. On Thursday neighbors held a memorial for the four victims at the spot they also addressed that speeding is a very serious issue on the E Roseville Parkway.

They also demanded some restrictions on the high speeding cars. “Now we are planning to enforcement of the road because we are receiving too many requests and complaints also; all are requesting to slow down the speed and drive safely” as told by CHP officials. Now the Holiday season is running and we want to assure that everybody gets reaches their homes safely as told by CHP Auburn Officer, Yvette Norman.

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