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Officials from the White House are still silent about National Archives releasing hundreds of pages of emails about Hunter Biden and Burisma

hunter biden
Image Source: New York Magazine

The White House is still silent about whether they block the release of some valuable documents from the Obama period that may contain some information about Hunter Biden’s terms with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. On November 30 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) informed to White House and said: “they will release around 300 email messages under the act of Freedom of Information of Act(FOIA) containing the word “Burisma” as reported by some news agency. May the Biden administration try to stop this release at this time by using his privilege, but the white house still not confirm what action will be taken.

Around 282 email messages and 69 images are in the requested record and reviewed by NARA and make it cleared for release. Along all with this 22 related emails and 75 messages which are partially related to the information were also released after the green signal of the president. If we talk about the rules FOIA does not release any information about the “deliberative or policy-making process” and also if some news exposes trade or anything personal about any individuals. However, NARA still has not said about that which rule exemptions the restricted emails fall under.

hunter biden

Image Source: BBC

Hunter Biden Joined Burisma’s board in the year 2014, a very attractive position that paid a very handsome amount whether Biden’s lack of experience in the energy sector so on the behalf of all these points a request was filed by some members of the press to FOIA. Republicans blame the many times Biden family for corruption and the relationship with Burisma has also been a part of all these allegatons.

Despite all things, President denied all blame for his son’s involvement in business dealings. If the email was released, maybe things look more clear about Hunter Biden’s suspicious relationship with Burisma or the President’s truth about his son. Some news reached the White House but they did not get any response before the Offical notification.

According to Presidential Records Act, Biden’s team has 60 days period to check whether he will exert privilege over the documents. The interesting thing here is if they block the release, emails were blocked till January 2029 until the court intervenes.

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