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How Did Jose Maria Sison Die? The Philippines Writer Died At 83

Jose Maria Sison Die

Jose Maria Sison, the Philippines’ communist leader, died on Friday night at 83 after a two-week incarceration in a hospital in the Netherlands, his party confirmed on Saturday. Sison founded the Philippine Communist Party, whose military wing, the New People’s Army, has been fighting one of the world’s longest-running insurgencies. More than 40,000 people were killed in the battle between the NPA and the Philippine government. Jose Maria Sison, the Communist Party of the Philippines’ founding chairman, died at 83. Let’s take a closer look at how the chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines died and Jose Maria Sison’s cause of death.

How did Jose Maria Sison Die?

Jose Maria Sison died Friday night following a two-week hospital stay. Sison, a former university lecturer and student leader who founded the CPP and the New People’s Army, has been in exile in the Netherlands since the late 1980s. The party acknowledged his demise on Saturday morning. The CPP said that the “Philippine proletariat and toiling people grieve the death of their teacher and guiding light” in a statement released on Saturday. According to the CPP, Sison was a “great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist thinker, patriot, internationalist, and revolutionary leader” and deserved the “highest conceivable tribute.” “Even as we mourn, we promise to continue to contribute all our might and desire to push the revolution forward guided by the memories.

What is Jose Maria Sison’s Cause of Death?

Jose Maria Sison died as a result of an illness. He died yesterday at about 8:40 p.m. (PH time) after being in the hospital for two weeks. He was 83. On December 26, 1968, Sison created the CPP and, the following year, the New People’s Army as its armed wing. The NPA has been involved in Asia’s longest-running insurgency since then. He was arrested in 1977 and remained in solitary confinement for most of his captivity until his release in 1986 after the Marcos government fell. Sison went into self-exile in Europe in 1987 when peace talks with the administration of the moment, then-President Corazon Aquino, fell through. He resided there till the day he died. He could not return home since the government had cancelled his passport, and he was concerned for his safety and security.

Who is Jose Maria Sison?

At his death, Sison was the National Democratic Front of the Philippines’ principal political counsellor. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines represents the CPP and NPA at peace talks. He was also the emeritus chairman of the International League of People’s Struggles. There were occasional peace talks between the Philippine government and the communist insurgents during the administrations that followed Aquino’s. Attempts to restart peace talks under Rodrigo Duterte, a socialist and member of the left-wing political movement, fell in 2016 owing to charges of ceasefire violations. Although no court has formally labelled the CPP and NPA as terrorist organisations, Duterte has done so. The Anti-Terrorism Council designated the two organisations as terrorists in 2020. The National Democratic Front of the Philippines, representing the CPP and NPA in peace talks, was designated a terrorist organisation in 2021.

Tributes to Jose Maria Sison:

Ang Bayan posted on Twitter that Jose Maria Sison, CPP founding chairman, renowned Marxist-Leninist-Maoist thinker, patriot, internationalist, and revolutionary leader, is honoured by Ang Bayan. He died at roughly 8:40 p.m. yesterday after spending two weeks in the hospital. He was 83. Jan Kashmir Tan stated on Twitter that Jose Maria Sison was a revolutionary, a poet, a spouse and father, a comrade, a political prisoner, a teacher, and a revolutionary. Like all those who came before him, he fought for national liberation. Our gallant warrior, Amado Guerrero, has passed away. Struggle For A New World posted on Twitter, We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the Filipino revolutionary movement on the passing of comrade Jose Maria Sison. He will be remembered. Power, rest in peace!

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