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Maxine Wahome, who is she? Discover More About the Young Lady.

Maxine Wahome

Maxine Wahome, a Kenyan rally driver, was charged with domestic abuse on Wednesday after an altercation with her partner and another rally driver, Asad Khan. Let’s have a better look at her.

Who is Maxine Wahome?

Maxine Wahome, 26, became the first Kenyan woman to win the WRC Safari Rally in the third level. Wahome, who trounced male competitors, is the first woman to win the World Rallying Championship in Naivasha. Asad Khan called Kalulu, a fellow rally driver and Wahome’s partner.

Asad Khan’s Health Status:

To assess the partner’s condition, cops wanted two new weeks in jail, “Kalulu”, improved. Khan was rushed to Avenue Hospital after the incident, where he allegedly incurred severe injuries.

Police Officer’s Request:

By a margin of 25 minutes and 27 seconds, the 26-year-old Kenyan driver of M-Sport Rally1 took first place in the WRC’s lower tier class. He placed 16th overall, one slot behind Gus Greensmith. Since the bike convert began travelling at the Safari Rally. Wahome won the championship for the first time in the Ford Fiesta Rally3 automobile that M-Sport designed; In a Subaru Impreza N12, she competed in the African Rally Series in the former.

The Officers’ Investigation:

According to Police, during an altercation at their residence, the two left household objects all over the dining room floor. The investigators found a pool of blood in the house and blood trails on the floor and stairwell. According to the magistrate, the battle shattered the glass in the windows and doors. According to Gachoka, Wahome’s other co-conspirators are still at large and being sought by Police.

Request for Restrictions on Media Coverage:

Her legal team initially demanded that the suit never be made public, so she could be proven to be the victim. However, Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi decided that prohibiting the media from telling the public about court proceedings served no purpose until evidence to verify media misreporting was presented in court.

Naivasha Safari Rally Championship:

Naivasha Safari Rally Championship


The 26-year-old Kenyan finished 16th overall, one place ahead of M-Sport Rally1 driver Gus Greensmith, and won the WRC’s third-tier class by 25 minutes and 27 seconds. The motocross convert was driving at the Safari Rally. A Subaru Impreza N12 in the African Rally Championship. Her victory was even more impressive given that this was her M-Sport-built Ford Fiesta Rally3.

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