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Who was Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow? How Did They Die?

Who was Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow

Katarina Carroll, Queensland’s police commissioner, said two policemen were slain in a shooting in Wieambilla on Monday night “did not stand a chance,” and it was a wonder that two others survived the ambush. Officers Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow were slain in the Wieambilla incident by the Train brothers. Let’s take a closer look at Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow and how they died in a Wieambilla shooting.

How did Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow Die?

Officers Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow were slain, resulting in a siege. Six individuals were killed in a cruel and cold-blooded ambush on a remote Queensland farm, two of whom were police officers.
Nathaniel Train, a former school principal, his brother, and his sister-in-law are suspected of killing the officers and a neighbour on Monday night. They were eventually killed in a shootout with police. Gareth Train was a regular commenter on a conspiracy website before cops slew him. According to Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll, the victims’ families and the police department.

Who was Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow?

Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29, were both officers at the Tara police station. The two dead officers lived together in a police-owned home in Tara, about 45 minutes south of Wieambilla. Rachel was sworn in as a police officer in June 2021 last year, while Matthew was sworn in March 2020. They had previously served in Dalby together. Constable Arnold’s close buddy informed him that the young cop had parked his car and was about to travel four hours to Brisbane to spend the holidays with his parents.

Constable Arnold’s Triplet Sister’s Tribute:

Constable Arnold’s triplet sister Hayley paid tribute to her brother on social media on Tuesday night. “I can’t even describe the love and relationship we shared,” she wrote. “We were born as triplets and were destined to grow old together. One-third of me is gone, and in its place comes physical anguish, suffering I’ve been experiencing since that knock on the door.” ‘You were supposed to come home today and stay for Christmas. You should have been permitted to return home.” Constable Brough panicked and texted friends, relatives, and coworkers after fleeing into an adjacent bush area. Officer Kirk escaped as well, despite a gunshot wound to the leg.

Tributes to Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow:

Following a minute’s silence in honour of Constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold, Tara residents embrace police officers to support, according to Harry Clarke. Dan Andrews stated that Constables Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow were tragically killed at work. They did their part to keep their town secure. They did so with dignity. All Victorians’ and Queenslanders’ sympathies are extended to their families. What a tragic, heartbreaking disaster with two Police Officers being enticed to their deaths by vile crooks, Trish tweeted. My heartfelt condolences.

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