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The suspect Got Arrested. Who is Samuel Parsons-Salas? The suspect in the fatal Chicago Portage park shooting Explained

Samuel Parsons-Salas

Samuel Parsons-Salas, had been arrested in connection with the shooting at Chicago’s Portage Park. Let’s take a closer look at Samuel Parsons-Salas.

Who is Samuel Parsons-Salas?

After a mass shooting, 32-year-old Samuel Parsons Salas was captured and charged with three felony charges. Samuel Parsons Salas, the suspect in the fatal shooting at the Vera Lounge in Portage Park, is also the suspect in the incident at Albany Park in 2009. A convicted felon has been charged with a fatal shooting over the weekend at a Portage Park pub during a birthday party. Three felony counts, one felony count of attempted first-degree murder, case of kidnapping have been filed against 32-year-old Chicago resident Samuel Parsons-Salas. According to Chicago Police Supt. David Brown was on parole after being released for a home invasion in September. On Monday, he was arrested, and on Tuesday, he was charged with the fatal shot.

What Happened at the Chicago Portage park shooting?

According to accounts, Parsons-Salas was invited to the birthday party by a third party. He was told to leave the gathering at some point throughout the evening. According to officials, a video shows Parsons-Salas entering a vehicle and pulling out what seems to be a firearm. There was a melee outside the pub, and Parsons-Salas began shooting the participants. Her father, Ricky Vera, 50, was killed, and her niece suffered severe injuries. Two women’s pals died: Mario Pozuelos, 26, and Mercedes Tavares, 24. Vera and Pozuelos were shot in the body and certified dead at the scene.

Chicago Portage Park Shooting Explained:

Chicago Portage Park Shooting Explained


The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday at a birthday party for the pub owner’s niece. A gunshot was fired at the Vera Lounge, 3235 N. Central Ave., near School Street in Portage Park. According to authorities, a fight that began inside the bar spilt out into the street when a man opened fire before fleeing in a dark sport-utility vehicle. According to a family acquaintance, the party was held on Saturday night to celebrate Maria’s birthday. In the interview, Supt.
Brown stated, “This incident is a tragedy; it should never have escalated to a loss of life.” Brown chose not to go into detail about how the killings were carried out, instead just calling them “heartless.”

Why was Parsons-Sales arrested in 2009?

On September 21, there was a double homicide, and Parsons-Salas was one of those implicated, according to authorities. Doehring and Parsons-Salas prepared for a “lick” at an apartment complex in the 3500 block of West Sunnyside with handguns: Doehring with a. 380-calibre pistol and Parsons-Salas with a 22-calibre firearm. The gunmen burst through the apartment’s front door at 1 a.m., according to Kwilos. While the victims, Alex Santiago, 23, and Angelina Escobar, 19, were sleeping inside. Doehring allegedly entered the sleeping quarters of Escobar and Santiago. Kwilos claims that he then shot Escobar multiple times before shooting Santiago in the head.

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