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RIP: Beloved Boston comedian Brian Higginbottom has died

Beloved Boston

Boston’s comedy scene lost one of its brightest and brightest talents with the passing of local star Brian Higginbottom.

No immediate reason was given after news broke this weekend, but news of the local stand-up favorite’s death quickly spread across social media, sparking a wave of tributes, reflections and of condolences for the Hyde Park native and longtime star of the stage.

“REST IN PEACE. to my friend Brian Higginbottom. He was the sweetest kid and one of my biggest supporters. It weighed on me all day. Just a great guy,” Jason Cordova wrote on Facebook. Ray Harrington shared, “I didn’t get to know him better, but every time I saw him he was kind and sincere. So sad to learn of his passing. Brian Higginbottom struggled, he was a good guy too, putting more on stage than he took off. My heart goes out to his family and friends in the comedy. I wrote and erased and wrote in an attempt to share my pain but also my appreciation for knowing him. REST IN PEACE.”

Higginbottom has spent many years performing in the city’s comedy clubs, both on and off stage. He also began a weekly showcase at McGreevy’s on Boylston Street, which has made him a well-known comic talent and a sought-after addition to the line-ups in rooms all over the region on any night. The fact that he worked so hard on stage and gave so much support to his fellow comics when he wasn’t behind the mike himself also contributed to his reputation as one of the “nice guys” that people gravitated toward. with a greater glimmer of eagerness and optimism.

“Now that I know I will never meet another Brian Higginbottom again, I am thankful that we got to spend time together. He was totally unique and will always be remembered as a legend, according to Alex Giampapa’s Facebook tribute. I hope the other individuals involved in his life are aware that Brian was more than simply a funny man; he was also well-liked, respected, and revered by a wide range of people. RIP Higgi – I look forward to seeing you again, even if it’s only to observe from the back of the room, someday.

Fellow comedian and friend Eric Taylor has announced that an event will be held in the future to celebrate Higginbottom’s life and legacy, but no details are available yet. We will update this post as soon as it is public.

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