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Is Britney Spears missing from Instagram?

Is Britney Spears missing from Instagram?

After declining to join her husband Sam Asghari’s live video of him engaging with followers on the platform, Britney Spears has once more vanished from Instagram. When searching on the social networking site, there is no sign of the pop star’s account. Her father’s treatment of her while she was in conservatory was the subject of a recent rage that she posted on her page.y her father treated her while she was at her conservatory.

In the lead up to her departure from Instagram, the star also felt refused to appear in her husband’s live video.

Sam Asghari decided to hit the live button earlier this week, and hoping to get a glimpse of Britney, fans were disappointed to hear her say, “I don’t want to come in, I have nothing to say.” “I don’t want to talk to them right now.” The absence came after Page Six conducted an interview with the singer’s former assistant, Felicia Culotta, who shared his concerns about the troubled icon.

Felicia worked for the Toxic starlet in the early days of her career and revealed to the outlet that she hadn’t heard from Britney in ‘a while’.

Before Britney’s dramatic meltdown in 2007, Felicia admitted that she had no clue if her notes had ever reached her previous employer, whom she had assisted up until that point. Felicia then went on to say that she messages her former employer “all the time.” she.
She said, ‘I hope and pray she gets them.

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“I’m sure she wasn’t before [in the past], so I hope she gets them [now].”

She also praised her former employer in a New York Times documentary on the pop star’s career called Framing Britney Spears. However, Britney didn’t feel the same way, and she recently used Instagram to discuss recent “humiliating” disclosures about her in general and Felicia in particular. The Oops I Did It Again hitmaker referred to a moment when her assistant claimed she was walking down the street handing out hundred-dollar bills: “I wish I could enter the minds of people like my dad and her [Felicia] and try you really understand why people lie and invent stuff like that!!!

“I mean, it doesn’t get any lower than that…why did you say that??? “That’s not even true!!!

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