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Grand Daddy Rapper Is Dead At 54. How did Grand Daddy I.U. die?

How did Grand Daddy I.U. die

“King, rest in power. Hip-hop was in your blood, “LL Cool J paid tribute to the late rapper on Instagram. Grand Daddy I.U., a rapper, originally signed to Cold Chillin’ Records and best known for his debut album Smooth Assassin, has died. He was 54. Raya, his spokeswoman, verified the news on Instagram on Tuesday, adding, “No, I’m not fine. I’m heartbroken.” “Anyone who knows me knows how much genuine love and respect I had for him, and I’m staying quiet right now out of respect for him and his family,” the statement said. “I don’t need to upload pictures or stories to express myself. I pray for a smooth and pleasant transfer.”

How did Grand Daddy I.U. die?

Grand Daddy I.U., a founding member of the early rap label Cold Chillin’ Records, died at 54. DJ Chuck Chillout, the rapper’s acquaintance, helped spread the news by posting it on his Facebook page. They last saw each other in late November. In addition, Pete Rock, a longtime admirer of GDIU’s lyrical abilities and renowned hip-hop producer, confirmed to his fans that the Queens-born rapper died peacefully in his sleep. The reason for the death of Grand Daddy I.U. has not yet been revealed. There is no information about Grand Daddy I.U.’s cause of death.

The Career of Grand Daddy I.U:

Ayub Bey, also known as Grand Daddy I.U., was an American rapper of the Juice Crew hip-hop group in the 1980s. He passed away on December 13, 2022. Grand Daddy I.U. was an MC who rose to popularity in the late 1980s on the legendary label Cold Chillin’ Records.
The late Biz Markie was instrumental in getting Grand Daddy I.U. signed after obtaining his demo tape from his peer’s brother. Smooth Assassin, I.U.’s debut album, had two hit singles. “Sugar-Free” peaked at number nine, while “Something New” peaked at number eleven. In 2008, I.U. was named one of Nore’s Top 5 Dead or Alive.

Tributes Paid to Grand Daddy I.U:

Tributes Paid to Grand Daddy I.U


According to Todd Williams, He just had me on his and Shorty Shy’s video programme…. This was utterly unexpected, as with any other death of a loved one, especially given that when I last saw him, which was only a few weeks ago, he seemed healthy and active! Life as we know it is so brief, even though all living things, including humans, are energy, and energy never dies. It’s tough to understand while grieving, but grieving is the most beautiful celebration of life in memory of those we love. I.U. King Grand Daddy S.I.P. Ciara Ross, You will be sorely missed! We just spoke when we received the sad news…. Thank you for your stamp of approval – your contributions to our culture will never be forgotten.

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