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Who was Keith Whitley Wife? What was the cause of Keith Whitley Death?

Keith Whitley
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Keith Whitley was a singer who died at 34 on 9 May 1989. Keith has made only 2 albums. In addition, Keith released a Billboard Country Chart 12 single. Seven more singles were released after his death. Keith began his career in the 1970s performing in Ralph Stanley’s band. Keith is best known for his hit singles “Miami, My Amy”, “I’m Over You”, and Don’t Close Your Eyes. In the year 2022, Keith was included in the list of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

What was the Name of Keith Whitley’s Wife?

Keith married Lorrie Morgan in 1986, their married life was nothing special. Laurie marries someone else after Keith’s death. Lorrie Morgan’s full name is Loretta Lynn Morgan. She is a popular singer, and musician as well as an actress. Laurie married 4 more times after Keith’s death. Lorrie Morgan married six times. Laurie was married to Ron Gaddis before marrying Keith. In 2010, Laurie married Randy White. Both of them are still together. She has 2 children. One of which is named Jesse Keith Whitley. The names of Lorrie Morgan’s ex-husbands are Brad Thompson, Jon Randall, and Sammy Kershaw.

Who was Keith Whitley?

Keith’s full name was Jackie Keith Whitley. He was a singer as well as a lyricist. Some of the songs that Keith writes are sung by himself and some by his wife who is a singer herself. Keith began his singing career in 1984 with the single “Turn Me to Love”. Keith then released a string of hit singles, including “Miami, My Amy”, “Homecoming ’63”, “Would These Arms Be in Your Way”, “I’ve Got the Heart for You”, and “Some Old Side Road”.

Keith has also appeared in several music videos, including “Homecoming ’63” in 1986, “When You Say Nothing at All” in 1988, “Hard Livin'” in 1987, “Honky Tonk Heart” in 1988, and “I’m No Stranger to the Rain” in 1989. He also recorded Don’t Close Your Eyes, Wherever You Are Tonight, L.A. to Miami, I Wonder Do You Think of Me, and others.

Keith Whitley Age

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How did Keith Whitley die?

Keith was born in Ashland, Kentucky, US. Happened in. His date of birth was 1 July 1954. Keith died on May 9, 1989, in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, US. I happened at the age of 34 at his house. According to sources, he died under the influence of alcohol. His sudden death created a sensation in the entire city at that time. Everyone wants to know what is the reason for his death and how did he die. But his death was a big blow to his family.

What was the Cause of the death of Keith Whitley?

On May 9, 1289, after talking to his mother on the phone before his death, Keith had coffee with his brother-in-law, Len Palmer, and made plans for golf and a meal someday. After this, Keith made a plan to write a song for his wife Laurie. When Laurie returned from her concert tour, Keith asked her to be ready in an hour to walk to the party. When he returned from the party, Palmer found Keith unresponsive in his bed. He informed the ambulance. In the hospital, Keith was announced dead at the age of 34.

The cause of his death was said to be alcohol poisoning. Keith is buried at Spring Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

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