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Chicago’s “Walking Man” Joseph Kromelis Dies Months After Being Set on Fire

Chicago Walking man dies

Chicago’s “walking man” dies after several months he was set on fire. Joseph Kromelis on Sunday afternoon died and the reason for his demise is probably due to the injuries after being set on fire.

According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Kromelis died at a care facility in the 2400 block of West Touhy at 4:08 p.m. Hanichak, a barrister told judge Charles Beach that he had never before seen a horrifying video of Kromelis’s attack. Joseph Guardia in his defense only said that he was angry and wanted to burn trash but did not know there was a man there. According to him, he was crazy at that time.

Chicago Walking man dies

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What Happened the Day When Kromelis was Set on Fire

On the night of May 25 Joseph Kromelis, a homeless man was sleeping under the blanket in the 400 block of North Lower Wabash Avenue on the night. According to the CCTV footage of Joseph Guardia, a man came close to Kromelis and stood nearby him silently for 16 seconds. The footage clearly showed that Joseph Guardia poured gasoline over Kromelis’s head and lighted up. The walking man was lit by fire for nearly three minutes before being taken to the hospital for further treatment. Doctors after seeing his condition said Kromelis had third-degree burns on more than half of his body. Kromelis was having therapy at Stroger Hospital for four months and then later continued his treatment at a rehabilitation center.

The Reason for his Death

According to the doctor’s reports, Kromelis after letting up for three minutes was taken to the hospital. His upper body part was entirely submerged in flames and nearly more than half of his body had third-degree burns. The cause of his death was probably the suffering from his injuries. 

The homeless man mostly known as the Chicago walking man has died due to a homicide. May his soul rest in peace.

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