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Why did Kelli Giddish leave law and order SVU?

Kelli Giddish

When Kelli Giddish revealed that she would be leaving Law and Order SVU after season 24, she crushed the hearts of her fans. On December 8, the actress’ final episode as Detective Amanda Rollins will premiere. Why is the celebrity departing then? This is what we do know:

Kelli announced her departure on Instagram in early August. This will, in fact, be my final season on Law & Order: SVU, she said. “I wanted to address the discussion I’ve seen online and let everyone know,” she said. “One of my greatest thrills and honours in life has been playing Rollins. I’ve had the incredible fortune of spending the last 12 years as a Law & Order family member. Rollins is unlike any other TV character, period. She has matured and evolved, and so have I. I’m glad I spent so much of my adult life with Rollins since I started working on this programme in my late 20s.”

Law & Order: SVU losing longtime cast member in season 24

Source: Digital Spy

According to reports from earlier this year, neither the performer nor showrunner David Graziano chose to leave the programme. Variety claims that the decision to let Kelli go was “decided from above” in order to keep the programme as contemporary as possible. Following the departure of the former showrunner Warren Leight, David joined the programme for the most recent season. David replied to the news as fans started vilifying him in comments on social media.

“In a world of emoticons and tweets, you could take a minute to consider the possibility that things are more complicated than they seem. All I’ll say is that Kelli handled this situation with the utmost class “He commented on Kelli’s Instagram post in the comments section. “In my 24 years of writing television, she is without a doubt one of the best industry professionals I’ve met. The prospect of her leaving makes me melancholy. If I ever get to write for her again, that will be a lucky day for me.”

How did it feel for the actress to be able to shoot that?

I was ecstatic for the supporters. I liked seeing their expressions when they were actually going to pronounce the vowels in court. I also feel quite uneasy in situations with large crowds or large numbers of individuals. I honestly wasn’t a fan of that part, but my favourite part was when they got to wake up in bed and you could really feel the actual closeness between them, and the girls came and jumped on the bed, knowing that they were going to recite their vows to one other that day.

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