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How did Ichirou Mizuki Die? Anime Song King Ichirou Mizuki Died At 74

Ichirou Mizuki Die

Ichirou Mizuki, a singer, died on December 6, 2022, at 6:50 p.m. Ichiro Mizuki, the “emperor of anime songs” who sang the theme songs for several anime series, including “Mazinger Z,” died of lung cancer on December 6th at a hospital in Tokyo. Let’s take a closer look at how the “King of anime tunes” died and Ichirou Mizuki’s cause of death.

How did Ichirou Mizuki Die?

Ichirou Mizuki, a Japanese vocalist, died at the age of 74. His band announced Ichirou Mizuki’s death on its social media page with the following statement: “I’d want to offer my heartfelt gratitude for everyone’s greetings and heartfelt condolences.” “The night vigil funeral was carried out solely with the family’s intention.” Please keep the bereaved’s heart in mind and refrain from offering advice, aromas, or flowers. We plan to arrange the goodbye party, etc., with family members later, Nao.” After Ichirou Mizuki’s death was announced, tributes poured in on social media. Fans and music community members expressed their sympathies for the late singer.

What is Ichirou Mizuki Cause of Death?

Ichirou Mizuki died from lung cancer. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of April last year and has undergone radiation and medication treatments. He lived for a year and seven months despite being frequently dismissed from the hospital. Unfortunately, he died on December 6, 2022, in the hospital. He was in critical condition, requiring a kidney transplant, lymphatic transfusion, and spasms. He has persisted in encouraging therapy and rehabilitation to be “active for life,” and I have continued working. He revealed in July that he was undergoing lung cancer treatment. Lung cancer was discovered in late April of last year. On the sixth, he died in the hospital, where he had been rushed by ambulance.
Despite having a significant medical condition that comprised brain metastases, lymph node metastases, and meningeal spread, he remained active via therapy and rehabilitation.

Who is Ichirou Mizuki?

Who is Ichirou Mizuki


Toshio Hayakawa was a Japanese singer, lyricist, composer, and voice actor. Mizuki’s other names were Aniki, Aniking, Ichiro Mizuki, and “Emperor of Anime Songs.” Ichirou is best known for his work on anime and Tokusatsu themes. He was born on January 7th, 1948. He sings in the Anison, J-pop, rock, and R&B genres for Nippon Columbia, First Smile Entertainment, Victor Entertainment, and Sony Music Entertainment labels.

Tributes to Ichirou Mizuki:

Ichirou Mizuki, a well-known vocalist of Tokusatsu and anime theme music, died, according to Manga Mogura RE. He founded the band Jam Project and was known for singing songs for the Mazinger Z franchise, among other things. He was 74. Mecha Alliance announced We regret to inform you of the passing of Ichiro “Aniki” Mizuki. He died on December 6th, at 74, from lung cancer. Aniki is a legendary icon of anisong and the mecha genre. As he sang his final performance on November 28th, he lived up to his slogan of being “active for life.” The “Will of Iron” will live on in perpetuity.

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