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Actor Tariku Birhanu ‘Baba’ Died at the age of 38, Know his Cause of death

Tariku Birhanu
Sources by Borkena

Tariku Birhanu was an Ethiopian actor. He was also a director and producer. Tariku created a separate identity for himself by the name of ‘Baba’. Tariku had made a good identity with his acting and role. Tariku acted in more than 40 Ethiopian movies. His acting talent was such that he used to assume that character to play any role and used to play that role completely with his heart and body. Recently Tariku Birhanu died on 10 December. Read on for more details on the cause of his death.

Actor Tariku Birhanu Passed Away at the age of 38

Tariku Birhanu passed away on Sunday, 10 December 2022 at the age of 38. Tariku the place of his death was Addis Ababa. Tariku died at a young age. His fans were shocked to hear the news of his death, many fans are paying tribute to him through social media. We have lost many stars in the past.

EndAmharaPain wrote expressing grief for Tariku Birhanu through social media-

“Artist Tariku Birhanu has passed away. The famous artist #Tariku_Birhanu/Baba, who is known for making many movies suddenly got sick today December 2nd, 2015 E.C. I heard that he passed away in the morning. RIP”

How Did died Tariku Birhanu, Know His Cause of death

Tariku passed away at 38 on Sunday morning. Tariku’s classmates told that Tariku was ill for a long time. The cause of his death was his illness, which was undergoing treatment but he died on Sunday, 10 December during his treatment, According to his parents.

Know About Tariku Birhanu

Tariku Birhanu was born in Teklehamnot, Addis City, Addis Abeba. Tariku Birhanu was a married man. His wife’s name is Kalkidan Tibebu. She is also an actress. Tariku Birhanu lived with his wife and one of his sons. His wife was deeply shocked by Tariku’s death. There is no information revealed about Tariku Birhanu’s parents and siblings. Tariku never mentioned the details of his parents on any platform.

Tariku Birhanu With His Wife & Son

Sources by BCNews24

Tariku had a passion for acting since childhood, due to which Tariku worked in more than 40 Ethiopian movies at the age of 38. He Won many accolades and awards for his acting and role-playing. The movies in which Tariku acted during his acting career Bletena, Bole Mangeka, The Engineers, Reconciliation, Martreza, My Life, Life and Laughter, The Foolish Son of Arada, Like Husband and Wife, Love and Facebook, Beyond Words, Heavy Weight, Eorika, My Case, Your Country, Laundry Boy, Our Star, Mechesh – Son of Arada 2.

He also acted in Searching for Marriage, ABCD of Love, Love Me Don’t Steal, One Two, My Brother Jacob, As a Joke, Woto Adder, The Cave, Fatherland, The Nanny’s Sons, My Bird Stopped, Swallow Us, Gossip, 300k.

Tariki Birhanu Wife, Children

Artist Tariki Birhanu (Baba) leaves behind his wife, actress Kalkidan Tibeb, and a son.

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