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Who is the Girlfriend of Discovery’s Minning Show Gold Rush Cast Member Rick Ness?

Rick Ness
Credit by NCERT Infrexa

Rick Ness is among the contestants of the Discovery show Gold Rush who run mining operations on the show. Rick Ness impressed the fans with his skills and operations but when comes to his personal life not much is known about Rick. Discovery does not cover the love lives of the miners, so here are the latest updates about his personal life. According to social media sources, Rick is in a relationship with a woman named Lesse Marie. The couple through social media officially confirmed their relationship on November 16th, 2020. They as a couple are still going well.

Meet Rick Ness’s Girlfriend Lesse Marie

As per the data collected from social media Lesse celebrates her birthday on October 25, 1977. Lesse as of 2022 is 45 years old and is four years older than her boyfriend Rick. Both Lesse and Rick are born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so there is a probability that they both knew each other growing up. When it comes to her educational qualifications nothing much is known about the lady but she prior to becoming a reality star worked as a nurse in Wisconsin, so she might have earned a degree in nursing. Lesse from Wisconsin moved to Arizona and started a new chapter of her life there and is loving the natural beauty of Arizona which is seen in her latest photos that she shared on her social media posts. It seems like Lesse is enjoying her life to the fullest in her new destination.

Lesse Marie’s Relationship with Rick Ness

The couple became official with the announcement of their engagement via Facebook. However, rick and Lesse faced body shaming and trolling on the internet they stick to their decision no matter how haters would react to it and handled the situation together firmly. Despite what other people think Rick proposed to Marie on her 45th birthday and praised her to be with him through his tough time. The couple is in their 40s and together they do not share any child but Lesse from her previous relationship has a child. They together appeared on the show Gold Rush in 2021.

All About Rick Ness’s Identity and his Discovery Show Gold Rush

Rick Ness is a gold miner born on March 5, 1981, in Michigan, Escanaba. Rick is presently a contestant on the Discovery show Gold Rush. The gold miner was once a former musician of a band named “357 String Band”.Rick did his schooling at Escanaba Area High School. At college, Rick used to play football and wanted to make his career in sports but due to a head injury, his dream to become a player crashed down. Despite it, Rick did not accept the failure and began to try his hands at music. He became a member of the band “357 string band” in 2004 and during that time released three albums. But sadly in 2011 the band split and rick plunged into gold mining.

Net Worth of Rick Ness

Rick’s net worth for the current year is estimated to be $ 600000 as per the data collected from various sources.

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