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Prince Iheme Dead, Brother of Osita Iheme killed by Gunmen

Prince Iheme

Prince Iheme is the brother of the famous Nollywood actor Osita Iheme who a suspicious gunman killed on the 9th of December 2022. The attack was so brutal that he did not survive and died. During the entire attack, the commissioner of the solid minerals in the local state also was attacked in the situation and was injured by The killers to a very great extent as the individuals who killed Marine an operation and vehicle and directly safe from themselves so then that was very well planned for them. They killed the individuals while they were in a commercial activity. The local roads were eventually deserted, so it was easy for the individuals to kill Prince.

Prince Iheme Death

Prince Iheme Death Details

Prince Iheme died on the 9th of December 2022 when he was directly murdered by a few killers on a deserted road in his hometown in the nearby community. The Death occurred suddenly, and the police officers stated that it was an open fire in front of the house. It is mentioned to the people of the locality that it is recommended for them to stay home as there might be no reason for the killing, and it might be just an open rate of killing by the killers. There was also a witness of the dead who politically stated that it was a political attack, and the commissioner of solid minerals was the one who was attacked, but Prince Iheme died in the attack.

Prince Iheme Death Cause

Cause of Death of Prince Iheme

As mentioned, the cause of the death of Prince Iheme was the Hindi killed by the gunman as there was rapid shooting on the vehicle of the commissioner of solid minerals. Prince was also situated in that vehicle itself and was directly killed on the spot. The police officers declared him Dead on the spot while the commissioner was taken to the local hospital quickly, and presently, he is very injured but alive. Prince could not survive the attack as it was impossible for him to sustain all the injuries on his body, which he did; so he couldn’t survive such bullets in his body, so he eventually died in that certain manner.

Prince Iheme Investigation

Death Investigation of Prince Iheme

The police officers started their Investigation on the 9th of December 2022. Throughout the entire investigation done by the police officers, it is stated that it was a huge group of gunmen who intended to kill a mass, and it was a regular killing across the commissioner of minerals. The police officers have also recommended to the local people of that particular area not to come out of their houses without any important work. There also has been police posting in that area as it is prone to happen again. The police officers don’t want the mass death to be repeated, so they are looking forward to protecting the local citizens of the area from that particular thing happening, but there are still a lot of details that need discussion.
Osita Details

Osita details known about him

Osita Iheme is a very famous and well-known actor in the Nollywood industry, and he has had a lot of success their entire life. He has a very good personality and has been a very famous individual across the entire world for the actions which he has done. He was close to his brother, and his untimely death had a very bad impact on his life as well. The sudden death of the boy is something that was a very bad incident, and he could not survive the incident. The death of his brother was something that created a very bad feature in his life.

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