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James Leonard, the Man Who Killed Tyler Lee Pace 15 Years Ago

James Leonard

An ex-con was apprehended just over a mile from an unsolved triple stabbing that killed four University of Idaho students in their sleep early. According to court filings, James Leonard, 39, of Moscow, Idaho, reportedly beat his wife and her children late Tuesday evening, then stabbed himself with a knife. His arrest on Wednesday was unrelated to the adjacent Nov. 13 home invasion murders, according to police. According to court documents, he previously pled guilty to a fatal 2007 shooting but served only a few months in prison.

Who is James Leonard?

Tyler Lee Pace of Moscow, who was killed, is back in jail for reportedly beating his wife and a child. James Leonard, 39, is jailed in the Latah County Sheriff’s Office Jail in Moscow on a $100,000 bond. Leonard faces felony charges of domestic abuse with traumatic injury, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted strangling, and child injury.

What Does James Leonard Do?

Leonard was arrested on Tuesday night by Moscow Police after police responded to a domestic violence report at home on Palouse River Drive. Leonard’s wife told police that he hit her numerous times, choked her, and abused a child, according to Latah County Second District Court filings. Other persons in the house told police they saw the same thing. Leonard allegedly assaulted his wife while wielding a knife, according to police. Officers also discovered Leonard allegedly punching a youngster about a dozen times and yanking the child by the hair. According to court filings, the infant appeared to have suffered a concussion. The victims were transferred to Moscow’s Gritman Medical Center for treatment.

What Do the Officials Say?

According to officers, Leonard was slashing himself. He refused and was treated by paramedics on the spot before being taken to jail. Leonard was caught with two blades and drugs, according to Moscow police. During an argument at home, Leonard shot and killed 25-year-old Tyler Lee Pace of Moscow. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter after being charged with second-degree murder.

James Leonard’s official Punishment:

Former Second District Court Judge Jeff Brudie condemned Leonard to up to 15 years in jail. Leonard was sentenced to 15 years probation by Judge Brudie after only five months in prison. Judge Brudie’s judgement was overturned by Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson, who advocated for continued incarceration. During that 2009 hearing, the Idaho Department recommended that she be released. Leonard is due back in court on December 15th for the latest accusations.

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