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How Did Danny Norris Die? 7-Year-Old Boy’s Painful Journey

How Did Danny Norris Die

Danny, a seven-year-old boy, died at home, surrounded by his family, following a cancer fight. Take a closer look at Danny Norris’ cancer story and cause of death. Danny Norris, the seven-year-old boy who captured the hearts of people in Tipperary and around Ireland during his cancer battle, has died. He died calmly, surrounded by his loved ones, on Friday morning at his home, between Ballymacarbry and Clonmel.

How Did Danny Norris Die?

His passing has caused great sorrow in the Ballymacarbry and Newcastle communities, with condolences and prayers being offered to his parents, Lisa and Lar, Charlie and Shay. Danny was transferred from Crumlin to his home for palliative care after his parents won a battle to acquire palliative treatment for Danny in his own home. The family declined such home care for Danny in early November, hoping he would return home to be accompanied by his beloved family in his final days. Lisa and Lar boldly discussed the need for the paediatric palliative care service, which was abolished in 2017, to be reintroduced for families in need before his death. The Norris family expressed that they did not want any other to go through the agony of battling for such care.

Danny Norris Diagnosed With Neuroblastoma:

Danny Norris is a six-year-old boy who is bright, cheerful, and full of mischief. In July 2020, he diagnosed with Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a sympathetic nervous system tumour that usually occurs in the adrenal glands or the belly. In Ireland, approximately 7 to 10 children are diagnosed with this aggressive form of paediatric cancer yearly. When first diagnosed, High-Risk Neuroblastoma had a recurrence rate of 60%. If the illness recurs, effective therapy becomes much more difficult. Unfortunately, the chances of survival for children who relapse are minimal, less than 10%, a frightening figure.

Danny Norris’s Painful Journey:

Danny Norris’s Painful Journey


As a result, we request funds for additional treatment to keep Danny in remission. Danny developed a tumour on the left side of his abdomen that first encompassed his left kidney and adrenal glands. Danny underwent 12 rounds of chemotherapy, a nephrectomy, high-dose chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, seven nights in the intensive care unit due to high-dose complications, rounds of radiotherapy, blood transfusions, and other medical procedures, scans, and so on. Danny has fought hard every step of the way, receiving the best medical care and intensive rehabilitation available in Ireland.

Tributes To Danny Norris:

Tributes To Danny Norris


Michael Toomey, DANNY NORRIS, RIP. We learned today of the loss of our little blue hero, Danny Norris, with deep sadness and a heavy heart. Danny passed away quietly at home this morning, surrounded by his adoring parents, big brothers, grandparents, family and friends, Panda. Our prayers are with his relatives at this unfortunate and challenging time. Cora Hackett, Little puppy, you have such a lovely smile. He sympathises with all his family and friends, yet he is glad to be at home, wrapped up in his bed.

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