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Dante De La Torre: A Teen Who Went Missing While Working On A Science Project Was Discovered Dead

Dante de la Torre

Dante de la Torre, a Colfax High School student, went in search of dirt for an assignment and did not return. A teen was discovered dead in a secluded place after stopping at a rest stop in California to work on a science project. Dante de la Torre, a High School student, went to a forested area along Interstate 80 on Wednesday and did not return.

Where did he Vanish?

“Dante traveled to the Gold Run rest stop area at 12:30 p.m. yesterday for a school assignment,” police said in a statement on Thursday. “Since then, he has had no communication with friends or relatives.” According to CBS affiliate KOVR, “he had to acquire dirt for a research project.” According to authorities, the teen was carrying “water bottles, a hand towel, and snow boots.”

Officials Started In Search Of Dante de la Torre:

Police released a second statement after learning that “several civilian search parties” were interested in joining the search, imploring the public to leave the operation to them. “While we appreciate the offer of assistance,” the sheriff’s office noted at the time, “this will only hamper our search.” “We presently have over a dozen specially trained searchers and K9s that specialize in scent detection looking for Dante,” they wrote when the search was still ongoing. “If the public begins combing the area, our K9s may lose Dante’s scent, hampering our search for him. We appreciate our community’s patience.”

Officials Informed That Dante de la Torre Was Found Dead:

Authorities announced the teen’s death hours later. “It is with a heart that we inform the community that Dante de la Torre, 16, was discovered deceased this afternoon in a wooded area near,” they said in a statement. Although no cause of death was given, police stated there was no evidence and a coroner would inspect his body. “During this awful moment, we send our condolences to the Torre and Dante’s friends,” they wrote. A sheriff’s office spokesperson told CBS station KOVR about the rural area where the teen was discovered.

Condolences To Dante de la Torre:

The Placer Union High School District expressed their “heartbreak” upon learning of the 11th-grade student’s death on Thursday. “Such tragedies are especially tough to process when they involve children. Chaplains and additional District Counseling personnel will be on the Colfax High School campus to help our students and staff cope with this tragic news “.

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