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Who is Ewen Dewitt? Suspect Threaten A Woman With An Axe

Ewen Dewitt

A Connecticut lady who died in an axe attack had warned of danger weeks before. Let’s go into Who is Ewen Dewitt and how the Suspect threatens a Connecticut woman before killing her with an axe. A Connecticut woman who was the subject of a restraining order and an order of protection was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend after being attacked with an axe.

What Happened To the Woman?

Julie Minogue, a 40-year-old New Haven County resident from Milford, dialled 911 on Tuesday, December 6, and was located by officials around 9 p.m. The youngster reportedly told dispatchers that a man was violently abusing his sister inside their 76 Salem Walk house. According to the police, the suspect had fled the house when the first responding officers evacuated it. Minogue’s body was located inside the house. The medical examiner will conclude, but authorities believe the culprit used an axe during the assault. Her three-year-old son was discovered uninjured in his residence. According to the officials, both children are currently being cared for by family members.

How did Ewen Dewitt Threaten that Woman?

The woman claimed she was frightened Ewen Dewitt would murder her after he allegedly sent her threatening text messages. On Tuesday, a lady in Connecticut was slain with an axe, just days after securing a total no-contact restraining order against her alleged killer and alerting authorities to the threat she represented. Ewen Dewitt, the suspect, allegedly sent Julie Minogue, 40, inappropriate text messages after she requested protection. In an affidavit dated November 17, she stated, “I don’t feel I should be subjected to this abuse.” “I’m concerned about my safety and the safety of my children.” Ewen has gotten himself into a lot of difficulties because of his drug and alcohol use, and I’m terrified he’s going to kill me.”

Who is Ewen Dewitt?

Ewen Dewitt, a 42-year-old Roxbury resident and Litchfield County citizen, was later apprehended and detained in West Haven. Dewitt, 42, has been charged with homicide, jeopardising the safety of others, reckless endangering, and breaking both a restraining order and a standing protection order, according to the Milford Police Department. On Wednesday, he appeared in court and was granted $5 million. Authorities said Minogue’s son reported that a man was abusing his mother inside their house. “When the first responding cops cleared the residence, they discovered that the suspect had departed.”

What revelations did the Police Investigation make?

According to authorities, an axe was used in the attack, but a medical examiner has yet to confirm this. A three-year-old child was located unharmed inside the house. In 2019, he was arrested for assaulting Minogue, and a permanent restraining order was issued. Minogue received a complete, no-contact restraining order on December 1 due to her complaint about text messages. Investigators discovered proof of the two’s previous relationship.

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