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Who is Aldrick Scott? A Suspect in Missing Women Case Is Arrested

Aldrick Scott

In the case of the missing Omaha woman, a man was apprehended in Belize on suspicion of kidnapping. Let’s take a closer look at who Aldrick Scott is and how the suspect in the disappearance of Cari Allen was apprehended.

Who is Aldrick Scott?

Authorities in Central America have arrested a guy suspected of kidnapping an Omaha woman. Aldrick Scott, 47, was discovered in Belize on Tuesday. Scott is regarded to be a person of interest in Cari Allen’s kidnapping. Allen, 43, was last seen at her home and Blondo Streets around 11 p.m. on November 19. In late November, a search was undertaken at Scott’s Topeka home concerning Allen’s disappearance.

What Does Press Say?

According to a Sheriff’s Office press release, detectives from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office travelled to Topeka and worked with the Topeka Police Department to find Scott and Allen. Scott had left the nation after boarding an aircraft while they were there, they learned. Scott was served with a warrant charging him with kidnapping on November 23. According to Topeka Police Department scanner chatter, on the night of November 21, someone contacted 911 and reported that Scott had killed his fiancee. That evening, Scott’s home was the target of a search warrant issued by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office concerning the missing-persons investigation. The Metro Fugitive Task Force and the United States Marshals Service were looking for Scott. Scott will appear in court for an extradition hearing later this week. Allen’s whereabouts are still unknown. The Sheriff’s Office has conducted numerous searches, including one at the Pheasant Point Landfill in Bennington.

Former acquaintances of Aldrick Scott speak up about him:

Tonya, Aldrick Scott’s ex-wife, is great friends with Amber McKinney. Her spouse, Jeffery, and she both served in the same military unit as Scott. Because they were in the same battalion, the couples interacted. “Nice, amusing, and professional—all you’d expect from regular people.” “On the other hand, he was quite dishonest with his wife,” Jeffery McKinney added. “He wasn’t a good man. “He didn’t treat her well,” Amber McKinney explained. Tonya Shumate, Scott’s ex-wife, spoke with us. He was “very controlling, emotionally and even physically abusive,” she alleged. However, she declined to speak to us on video. Despite filing for a protective order in 2016, she said it was denied

Who Was Cari Allen?

Who Was Cari Allen


Cari Allen’s college buddy speaks out about her disappearance. Cari Allen and Dacee McLaren reconciled; they even talked on the Saturday before her abduction. McLaren and Allen shared a dorm room at Iowa Western University in 1997. She describes Allen as friendly and loving. We both graduated from Iowa Western with degrees in human services. According to McLaren, she loved people and despised them when they were condemned due to circumstances beyond their control. “He seemed thrilled to be there, and they seemed to be getting along fine at the time, but that was back in August.” Authorities searched various locations in connection with this case, including Scott’s home in Topeka and locations throughout Omaha, including the Pheasant Point Landfill.

McLaren is still hopeful that Allen will return home. “I’m going to continue to hope every night that she is alright, that they locate her safe, and that she is okay.” It’s terrifying now since we’re on day 8 or 9.′′ Allen works with people with disabilities. He helps establish a revolutionary programme called “ELM,” according to a Facebook post from a disability service provider Vodec. “She is liked by many of us in the disabled community,” the note said. We hope she returns safely.”

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