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Where is Keiko Fujimoto, The Ex-wife of Fraudster Ramesh Balwani?

Where is Keiko Fujimoto?
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Keiko Fujimoto is known being the Ex-wife of infamous businessman Ramesh Balwani. Keiko was once a prominent name in the Japanese television industry. By the time she was married to Ramesh and enjoying a lavish lifestyle with him. Their marriage lasted for a few time and Keiko divorced him in December 2002. Keiko avoids any media attention after her Ex- husband went into legal trouble. According to the sources Keiko is currently living in her hometown in Japan. There is not much known about her as she tends to keep herself away from the limelight. She also doesn’t have a Wiki page.

Keiko’s Ex-husband Ramesh Balwani has been sentenced to 13 years in federal jail for his fraud. Stephanie Hinds, the United States Attorney announced on Wednesday.

Who is Keiko Fujimoto, The Ex-Wife of Fraudster Ramesh Balwani?

Where is Keiko Fujimoto?

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Keiko Fujimoto is a Japanese television personality born and raised in Japan. She made her debut in the Japanese television industry with the series ” Takajin mune ippai”. Keiko after her divorce worked as an announcer television mini-series” Unfair” in 2006. Fujimoto earned MS in Information Science at the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign. Apart from this nothing is known about her personal life and family.

Keiko is recognized as the Ex-wife of Fraudster Ramesh Balwani. It was not clear how they two met each other or the exact date when they get married. After marrying him she moved to America and lived a lavish lifestyle with him and gained American citizenship. She then with her former husband lived in San Fransisco. The two however divorced in December 2002.

Ramesh Balwani’s Age, Occupation, Personal Life, and Legal Troubles

Ramesh Balani and Elizabeth sentenced

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Ramesh Sunny Balwani is an American businessman and convicted fraudster, who recently got sentenced to 13 years for his illegal business operations. Ramesh is also a former president and chief operating officer of Theranos, a health technology company founded in 2003 by his girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes. Balwani is born to a Hindu family on 13 June 1965 in Pakistan and later moved to India because being Hindu it is difficult to survive in Pakistan. Ramesh is of Indian-American nationality and apart from this nothing much is known about his family members and parents. In 1986, he was a member of the Pakistani students Association and received an undergraduate degree in Information Systems and Artificial intelligence at the University of Texas at Austin. He then earned a master’s degree in Business Administration at California, Berkeley. He met Elizabeth Holmes while studying at Berkeley.

Ramesh was considered the second most important person for the collapse of Theranos. Balwani was sentenced after less than three weeks after Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 11 years.

Net Worth of Ramesh Balwani

Ramesh used to work for Theranos as a CEO till 2018. His net worth is estimated to be $ 85 million earned from his fraudulent business operations. He was thus living a luxurious life with his girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes with his Fraudulent money.

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