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What is the identity of the off-duty FBI agent? Why did he fatally shoot someone at the Metro Center Station? Clarified

Why Off-duty FBI agent fatally shot a person at Metro Center Station Explained

An off-duty FBI agent at Metro Center Station killed a person. Let’s take a closer look at what transpired at the Metro Center and why an off-duty FBI agent fatally shot someone.

What Happened at the DC Metro Center?

DC Metro Center


According to reports, one individual was shot in the chest in the Metro Center in Washington, D.C., following an officer-involved incident. All trains were halted after reports of shooting in the station. One person was shot and died, according to Washington police. The Red Line is currently single-tracking due to police activity. The Blue, Silver, and Orange lines are all operational.

Based on the Metropolitan Police Department, the Metro Center train on the Red Line in Washington, D.C., has been closed after an off-duty FBI special officer shot and killed a person at the station Wednesday evening. According to the DC Police Department, MPD assists another law enforcement agency with an officer-involved shooting within the Metro Center Station. PIO is on his way to the scene.

What Motivated an Off-Duty FBI Agent to Shoot a Man?

According to MPD Executive Assistant Chief of Police Ashan Benedict, the nameless victim was shot by an off-duty FBI special agent at 6:21 p.m. Benedict indicated that he believed two guys, one of whom was the FBI agent, were fighting on the Glenmont platform and that one of them grabbed the other before they both fell over a side wall together. “This wall is away from the railway tracks at the end of the platform; there’s probably an eight-foot drop,” Benedict explained, adding that the man was shot at some time during the battle by an FBI agent.

According to officials, the FBI agent was brought to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. A witness on the station’s platform reported hearing gunfire and seeing a man fall and hit his head. People began shouting and fleeing the station, with people rushing towards the exits as a train arrived to escape the bullets. Red Line service between Farragut North and Gallery Place was interrupted, but trains began single-tracking through the station at 7:52 p.m. The general public has been cautioned to expect delays in both directions.

FBI’s Statement:

FBI's Statement


According to the FBI, “any shooting incident involving our agents or task force members is taken seriously.” DC police are investigating to see if the shooting was legal; the FBI’s inspection department is also looking into the circumstances surrounding the shooting.”

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