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Mel Dzelde, a South African Radio Personality and Author Died at 52

How did Mel Dzelde die

On December 8, 2022, South Australian radio host Mel Dzelde passed away at 52. Let’s examine the circumstances surrounding Mel Dzelde’s death and how the Australian radio host passed away in more detail.

Mel Dzelde, who was He?

Mel Dzelde was a well-known radio personality in Australia. Mel worked at Mix 102.3 in the early 2000s as an Executive Producer for Kym, Ali, and Dzelde. She first met Chris Dzelde at Mix 102.3, and they subsequently became friends at a show. Many years later, Chris Dzelde married her. Mel’s Christmas wishes were granted when Oprah Winfrey contacted her and donated $15,000 to The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show’s Go Fund campaign.

Mel Dzelde

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The Ali Clarke Breakfast Show collaborated with the Power FM breakfast staff to grant Mel’s desire to spend a joyful Christmas with her family and loved ones. They surprised Mel with various acts of generosity and presents, including one from Oprah. “You are a true inspiration.” We have all observed the finest human spirit. “As you know, we’ve never met a lady,” Oprah said. “Blessings and thanks for all the grace and inspiration you’ve offered us.”

Mel Dzelde Died as a Result of:

Mel Dzelde, a radio personality, died of cancer and ALS. She has coped with various health difficulties, including cancer and motor neuron disease. Dzelde was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer five years ago. She subsequently had radiation and chemotherapy, yet she continued to carry out her regular work duties without interruption. She had rectal excision surgery and had to wear an ileostomy bag, which was tough for her.

Mel Dzelde Died in What Manner?

Mel Dzelde died on Thursday morning after battling cancer and motor neuron disease. Mel Dzelde, a radio personality and novelist, has died at the age of 52. Mel’s husband, fellow media personality Chris Dzelde, broke the tragic news on Thursday. Mel Dzelde, a well-known radio presenter and author, passed away after a long illness. Dzelde’s death was announced on social media by her husband, Chris Dzelde, who said, “The world turned a bit darker this morning at 9.9.30 am when my beautiful wife, Mel Dee Dzelde, passed away quietly in her sleep.”

Fourth Cancer Battle:

Mel’s husband and a friend, Shaun Sandilands, set up a GoFundMe before her death to “bring Christmas early” and relieve the family’s financial difficulties. She started the campaign in 2021 after learning she had Advanced Dementia (MND), which had a poor prognosis. The rare disorder causes gradual nerve damage in patients, resulting in symptoms such as tremors, muscular cramps, and twitching, which can escalate to trouble eating, speaking, and chewing. Despite overcoming cancer three times before, Mel faced Stage 4 rectal cancer simultaneously.

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