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How Did Zachary Paris and Marvin Gruber Die? Firefighters Died In Fire Accident

Zachary Paris and Marvin Gruber Die

In Schuylkill County, a three-alarm house fire killed two firefighters who had already died from their injuries. Let’s take a closer look at how Pennsylvania firefighters Zachary Paris and Marvin Gruber died and the causes of death for Pennsylvania firefighters.

How Did Zachary Paris and Marvin Gruber Die?

Two volunteer firefighters died while putting out a house fire in Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, Zachary Paris and Marvin Gruber, a firefighter from Community Fire Company New Tripoli, died in the 1100 block of West Penn Township at around 4 p.m. this Wednesday The Frederick County, Maryland, Career Firefighters Association announced Paris’ death on Facebook late Wednesday night. We regret to inform you of the end of Frederick County Firefighter. Firefighter Paris was killed fire this evening.”Rest easy, brother. We’ll go from there.”

Pennsylvania Firefighter’s Cause of Death:

Pennsylvania Firefighter's Cause of Death


The firefighters died while putting out a fire in Pennsylvania. According to Fox 29, the firefighters issued repeated mayday signals while trapped on the second floor of the building. After being removed from the flames, the Schuylkill County Coroner’s Office declared both firefighters dead. Around 6:10 p.m., the guys were discovered dead. After the fire incident in West Penn Township near Tamaqua, he was sent to St. Luke’s Hospital Miners Campus in Coaldale. The police in Pennsylvania have not released the real cause of death of the firefighters. According to police, they perished as a result of fire-related injuries.

Who was Pennsylvania Firefighters?

The slain firefighters were Marvin Gruber, and Assistant Fire Chief Zachary Paris, according to Trooper David Beohm. Paris was the first assistant chief of the fire company in Frederick County, Maryland. According to a Facebook post, the Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue February and was assigned to the Fire Station. Paris, according to the post, was married with two small daughters. According to the Northampton Community College website, Gruber was the assistant chief of the department of public safety.

House Fire Accident:

House Fire Accident


Firefighters were summoned at 4 p.m. in response to a report of an entrapped home fire. Troop L’s public relations officer stated that “some maydays were issued” while searching the house. Boehm confirmed at a news conference held on Wednesday night that three fire marshals were investigating the fire at the scene. Another person was found dead in the woods behind 1121 Clamtown Road, possibly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. According to initial reports, it was a home resident, but state police said they were looking into the person’s identification. It is now unknown whether that body is directly related to tonight’s fire. Several fire departments from various counties have workers on the scene.

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