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How Did Nicole Foltz Die? A Mother Of Five Dies In A Fire Pit Accident

Nicole Foltz Die

Last month, a mother of five perished in a fire pit accident in her Florida backyard, which also seriously injured her 11-year-old son. Her community has now banded together to assist her family. Nicole Foltz, 38, was outside with family and friends on November 14 when the tragedy occurred, according to Fox station WTVT. It’s unbelievable,” the speaker continues. “It’s one of those stupid things you don’t expect to see in your family.” When it comes to fires, gasoline is not to be taken lightly. You must proceed with caution or refrain. He stated that the family would turn the fire pit in the backyard into a bird bath, as Nicole had always dreamed.

How Did Nicole Foltz Die?

A Florida mother of five died from burns that covered over 100% of her body after a terrible backyard fire pit accident that also sent her 11-year-old son to the hospital. Nicole Foltz, 38, and her husband, Jeff, started a fire in their Tarpon Springs home last month to ward off vermin while visiting friends. Nicole attempted to reignite the fire as Jeff entered the room, but it eventually died out. “I had just come inside, and to my knowledge, she chose to attempt to keep the fire going, keep the fun going, and she placed another log, but there was no flame at all,” he told Fox 13 News.

It Was a Terrible Incident:

But she just had a feeling that if she poured some gas on it, it would relight, and it did. “I presume it must have traversed the gas stream up to the gas can and detonated in her hands,” Jeff speculated. “Halted dropped and rolled as you’re supposed to,” he said of his horrified wife. Despite her efforts, she was engulfed in flames, and nearly all of her body was charred. On November 14, three days after the catastrophe, she died. Nicole is “all around one of the greatest, genuine people,” according to Foltz. She emanated ferocity. Everyone admired her. He urged everyone to learn about and practise fire safety. I’d instead not read about someone else’s family going through this.

Condolences To Nicole Foltz:

Condolences To Nicole Foltz


The unlucky mother worked as a manager and server at the Tarpon Tavern for many years. Nicole Foltz’s untimely and terrible death shattered our community. Nicole’s son, Jeffrey, was also critically injured in the backyard firepit tragedy. Please help us band together to support Nicole’s husband, Jeff, their young son, and her other four children. Nicole was adored because she genuinely enjoyed life. Nicole spent many years as a server/manager at The Tarpon Tavern. Her bright smile usually lit up the room. She was always there for everyone – family, friends, customers, employees, birthdays, anniversaries, and every day. We shall miss Nicole, but our memories of her will last forever.

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