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Where is Naasón Joaquín Garcia Now?

Naasón Joaquín Garcia

Naasón Joaquín Garcia is a Mexico-based mega Church leader who has been famous his entire life. In the recent interviews and interrogation, it has been revealed that throughout his entire life itself, he has been related to a lot of controversies and these controversies everywhere to $exual abuse on different girls as he has performed these abuses for a very long time and presently it is recorded that the famous was related to the abuse. Various individuals in the locality didn’t know certain things before a complaint was launched. After that, a proper investigation was done to show that he did this with many girls and women.

Naasón Joaquín Garcia Where is he

Where is Naasón Joaquín Garcia Now?

Naasón Joaquín Garcia Now has been sent to the Los Angeles prison as the official court has directly judged his entire activity. After the judgment, it was revealed that he would be sent to present for 16 years as no particular trial was needed in that scenario. The police officers did an exceptional job in gathering proper sources of evidence against him. He is presently in the jail itself and is also not allowed to view anyone inside the jail as it is strictly made a note that whatever he has done should not be continued anywhere in the future as he has faced a total of 20 charges of rape and $exual abuse.

Naasón Joaquín Garcia Who is he

Who is Naasón Joaquín Garcia?

Naasón Joaquín Garcia was a famous mega-church leader, and throughout his life, he created a very impact as he received recognition for his leading activities. Whatever he used to do did not have proper and direct notice from any individual, so later on in the situation, when the charges started coming towards him directly, it created difficulty for individuals to believe. He was arrested in 2019, and the official charges were confirmed in 2022 and as the uses are. Confirmed the church leader has been arrested for a total of 20 charges of $exual acts against them. These activities are very dangerous. Whatever he has done under the name of god is something that was not supposed to be done, and he will be punished.

Naasón Joaquín Garcia Details

Important details related to Naasón Joaquín Garcia Now?

Naasón Joaquín Garcia did false $exual activities for various years. In the entire year, she did the activities; he was not caught in a certain manner as no one had the opportunity to protect the girls from this particular individual. After several days when an individual gave a charge against this personality, it was directly confirmed by the other girls. That day also faced a similar situation with this person. This, he was provided with 20 charges of $exual assault and rate, and the investigating department of California has also estimated that there will be more girls who are very fearful about their life to accuse of him.

Investigation Details

Investigation Details available

After the entire incident went viral, there were certain details that the individuals had already discussed before it occurred. As the discussion with the police officers occurred, they started receiving proper details of the things which happened and then, as the receives the details, confirmed that the incident occurred. The confirmation was received by the police officer in 2019. Still, the trial went on for a very long time. After the revealing of the incident, people understood that he was not a very good personality as he seemed to be during the earlier part of his life, and that was something that people understood. Presently he is in a California jail and is said to be sentenced to 16 years in prison, which is a very good thing for an individual who has been charged with the rape of 20 girls.

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