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How did Chukwuemeka Igboanugo Die? IMO Boxer Death At National Sports Festival

How did Chukwuemeka Igboanugo Die

Chukwuemeka Igboanugo, an IMO boxer, dies inside the ring. Look at what happened to him and Chukwuemeka Igboanugo’s cause of death. Death has been reported at the National Sports Festival, Delta State’s capital. According to new information, Prince Gaby Amagor of Anambra and Chukwuemeka Igboanugo of Imo State were called off when the former fell.

Chukwuemeka Igboanugo Died Inside a Ring:

Chukwuemeka Igboanugo, was killed in the ring during a bout at the National Sports Festival in Asaba, Delta State. The Imo-born Igboanugo died after being knocked out by Anambra’s Prince Gaby Amagor. Igboanugo was hit and refused to stand up, prompting the referee to call the fight in favour of Amagor. In the Anambra man’s triumph, the crowd saw that Igboanugo had failed to rise from the mat, requiring him to be dragged out for medical attention before being brought to the hospital. I had no idea what was happening; all we knew was that he didn’t get up.

How did Chukwuemeka Igboanugo Die?

Chukwuemeka Igboanugo, an Imo boxer, died after losing an 86 kg to Prince Gaby Amagor of Anambra. The bout was called off after Pascal got hit in the chin and could not recover. According to a boxing official who spoke anonymously, “he was out of the ring for being transferred to the hospital, where he was declared dead.”

Tributes Paid To Chukwuemeka Igboanugo:

Dike Ebube, The boxer from Anambra Entrada, entered the ring. According to Blessing Akpabio, Nigeria is not suitable for several sporting activities. Michael Akpan, But this isn’t Asaba; pull up the original story post. Mentus Eche, A politician, is preferable to a boxer, may his soul rest in peace. Abodunrin Payne, Adesanya, We know our deficient mediocre at the helms of affairs, so the hope is not African insurance or never cut before coming.  Isiaq Ade Hassan Combat sports should be prohibited at the sports festival. Omamuli Jackson Such a tragedy; may his soul rest in peace.

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