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Christian Kath Family From Gympie Die In A Plane Crash

Christian Kath Family From Gympie Die

An Australian family is killed in a crash in the US. Learn more about the Christian Kath family of Gympie, Australia, and the plane crash.

How did Christian Kath’s Family From Gympie Die?

A family from Queensland has been declared dead in a plane crash in the US, as prospects of finding their pilot father alive dwindle. According to the Venice Police Department in Florida, the family’s rented jet crashed into the Gulf on Saturday, killing Christian Kath, 42, of Gympie, his wife Misty Kath, and their daughter Lily. Harper, a second daughter who was not on the aircraft, is still living with the family. The deaths of the couple’s daughter have been discovered, while Mr Kath remains missing. Investigators believe the family rented the plane, which crashed shortly after takeoff.

Ms Kath’s Body Was Found:

According to Venice Police Chief Charles Thorpe, Ms Kath’s body was discovered in the Gulf, and the tragedy was first reported to authorities. The Federal Aviation Administration then contacted the police to note that a hired plane had not returned, sparking a search for the missing plane. According to Chief Thorpe, no mayday call was issued before the collision. The daughter’s body was discovered on Sunday afternoon after a single-engine Piper Cherokee was uncovered. Police and other search and rescue vessels are still hunting for Mr Kath in a 13 KM area south.

Ms Kath’s Body Was Found


Christian Kath’s Last Post:

In March, Mr Kath sent a message on social media commemorating his first solo flight. “This was my first solo flight,” he explained. “I was overjoyed to have accomplished a goal I’d had since I was eight years old.” I started training in late December and am halfway through getting my private pilot’s licence. Mr Kath told his family, “It will be worthwhile when we fly to the Keys with our two children.” He felt privileged to live in such a world and to be learning to fly.

Mr Kath’s whereabouts are Still Unknown:

Mr Kath has been the chief operations officer for Daniels Health, a medical waste company in St. Petersburg, Florida, since December 2018. He worked as a manager at Country Foods, the Superbee Honey Factory Country Foods, until moving to Brisbane about ten years ago.

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