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Matthew McCallan Dead Body has Been Found after being Missing

Matthew McCallan

Matthew McCallan is a 15-year-old teenager who was said to be missing from Dungannon on the fourth of December 2022, and the police officers of the local areas started the search for the guy on that particular day itself. There were no particular details available after the investigation by the police officers happened as the police did not gain any knowledge about the teenage boy after their proper search. On the evening of the fifth of December 2022, the details of a dead body near the locality were available, and the police officers went to the locality the identify the dead body. The 15-year-old teenage boy was declared dead by the police officers.

Matthew McCallan Missing

Missing Details of Matthew McCallan

As per the police officers, the teenage boy got successfully missing on the 4th of December 2022, and he was last spotted in his locality in the morning. In the CCTV camera footage, it was directly visible that the teenage boy was roaming around alone in the locality. He was officially last spotted alone after the police recovered his dead body, and he was last seen alive through a security camera. Initially, the police thought it was a kidnapping of kids. Still, as no details from the kidnapper related to any money later, they understood there were fewer chances of the boy being alive for a very long time.

Matthew McCallan Death

Dead Body of Matthew McCallan

Matthew McCallan went missing on the fourth of December 2022 from the day the police officers started their search for the teenage boy and looked forward to gaining the exact information available about the teenage boy so that they could very easily game the knowledge of whatever happened. Within the evening of the fourth of December 2022, the officers were very tense related to the teenage boy as they understood that there were very few chances for him to stay alive and later on in the morning of the fifth of December 2022 itself, a dead body was recovered in the locality, and the identification was made by the police officer as the declared the boy to be dead.

Matthew McCallan Investigation

Investigation Done related to Matthew McCallan

The police officers tried their best in terms of the investigation, which they did as they provided their level best to recover Matthew alive. On the fourth of December itself, the police thought that there was very less chance for Mathew to stay alive as it would be very difficult for him to continue in that manner. As there was no chance of kidnapping, the police thought he was killed, and the dead body was somewhere near the locality. Through the investigation by the police officers, the details of the dead body were available, and the police officers identified the dead body initially. The body has been sent for a forensic report to gain proper knowledge about the death.

Other Information

Other Information Available

There has not been any information available about the person who killed the 15-year-old boy. Still, the investigation of the police officers related to the murder is continuing, and they are looking forward to gaining information about the person who murdered the child. The police officers anticipate that the person who murdered the child is someone very close to him and one of the family members, as there are fewer chances for any outsider to kill a 15-year-old teenage boy without any reason. After the official forensic report is revealed, there will be important details made available related to the child’s death, and there will be information about whatever happened throughout the entire incident and why the boy was killed.