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Who was Gary Rasor? A Home Depot Employee Died. What Happened?

Who was Gary Rasor

Gary Rasor, 83, died due to his injuries, according to police in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Let’s take a closer look at Gary Rasor and why the masked suspect shoved him to the ground.

What Happened To Gary Rasor?

According to authorities on Friday, Gary Rasor, a home depot employee, died on December 1 due to complications from his injuries. “The North Carolina Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide.” The guy was seen on CCTV footage leaving Home Depot with a shopping cart on October 18. There were three pressure washers inside, according to authorities. Rasor, an employee, approached the suspect and was thrown to the ground by him. According to the article, Rasor, also known as Mr Gary in the business, sustained several fractures and could not regain his ability to walk. While in the hospital, he was able to celebrate his 83rd birthday. Unfortunately, he died on December 3 due to complications from his injuries.

Who Was Gary Rasor?

Gary, an 83-year-old home depot employee from Durham, North Carolina, was killed. Gary’s wife, Yovone Rasor, his son, Jeff Rasor, and his grandchildren survive him. Yovone, his wife, said earlier this week that they had a parting moment with Gary Rasor. Gary was pushed while working at a Home Depot in October. He died due to his wounds after being taken to the hospital. On Saturday, Yovone sobbed, saying, “It’s just hard, but I’m still waiting for him to come home.” According to Hillsborough police, the robbery is now being investigated as a possible homicide, and the suspect has been dubbed a “menace to society.”

Why did the masked man push him to the ground?

As Gary approached the masked man engaged in the depot store robbery, he shoved Gary to the ground. The authorities are seeking the masked man and the motivation for this crime. The cops asked for public aid. Major Andy Simmons, a police officer, previously told the outlet, “Everyone loves him. He’s an incredible man.” “And then someone does this to him just to commit theft; it’s ridiculous.” “This is completely organised and will include violence for a couple of power washers,” Gary Rasor’s son Jeff Rasor stated. “It’s almost incomprehensible. I’m not going to give up. We’ll keep looking, and someday they’ll make a mistake, and that will be a good day.”

Who is the Suspect?

Police identify the suspect as a Black man about 6 feet tall. They claimed he fled in a white four-door Hyundai Sonata. Despite the licence plate being obscured, the officers noted that it was a North Carolina temporary tag. “Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Hillsborough Investigator Andrew Jones by email or phone at 919-296-9562,” police added. You can also report anonymous tips by calling 919-296-9555 or sending a message to the department’s Facebook page.

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